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For Hockey Fights Cancer
For Hockey Fights Cancer
First, before I start talking about hockey and I have your immediate attention…I’d like to talk about a couple of charities.

The Hockey Guys are hosting a fundraiser to benefit LiveStrong: The Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Leukemia/Lymphoma Socity.

I’ve been holding back on pulling my “I have cancer” card and have already donated $100 to the cause. But, I’m pulling it out, because technically, when you have the disease they’re fundraising for…it doesn’t make sense to donate money to it…but I did anyway…which I hope will encourage you to do so as well.

I donated because: 1. They’re my colleagues. 2. They needed help. 3. All they’re asking for is just a $1 donation towards their goal of $2500.

I still have yet to see a single dollar donated beyond what I donated along w/ that of what one of the organizer’s donated. Yes, I’m a bit disappointed in the hockey community when I see that.

So I’m going to do one better…for each dollar donated because you read it here, I’ll match the donation, up to $500 total. So get to donating. Here’s the link: What’s Brewin Stock Donation Page for Livestrong

Just indicate MK w/ your name on your donation pledge so I know that was a donation for me to match.

Here are the details on the actual fundraiser (if you can make it): Fundraiser Information.

Hockey Fights Cancer, as well as the NHL, have already made donations for their auction they’re holding. If they’re on board, why aren’t YOU?

So help out The Hockey Guys and the hockey community as we work towards fighting cancer.

The second charity I’d like to talk about is Chile.

I’m a little disappointed in North Americans not running to aid Chile. Here are some pictures that shocked the hell out of the Twitter world when I posted them up (thanks to HoldEmTalkRadio for sending them to me).

Before and After

Now, my question is: why do we pick and choose which natural disaster to aid?

We’re all one race: HUMAN.

I don’t care what the wealth of the nation is…it’s not the people that are wealthy, it’s the country! So we should pass judgment on other humans based on what country they live in?

Don’t compare it to Haiti. You reach out your hand and help.

You can start by donating to The American Red Cross. March is American Red Cross month. So you can pick and choose where you want your money to go.

As a FYI, when you give, the universe gives back to you. I donated to three different charities last week. Guess what I got in return so far…Sheryl Crow tix (2 tix), free lunch, free Starbucks, free goody bag from a major magazine, a special prototype hockey helmet from Easton Hockey…I could go on.

I give and the universe gives in return. It’s called karma. What kind of karma you give to the world is the kind of karma you get back.

Now…I’m done lecturing.

Let’s talk hockey.

CHRIS CHELIOS…is making his way back to the NHL. Atlanta to be exact. Unless by some act of God (aka Lou Lamoriello) decides to grab the D-MAN off of waivers before 12PM tomorrow. Just imagine how much money we would save by picking the D off of waivers and splitting the contract with Chicago. After all, we need a D-man and on the cheap.

Devils fans wouldn’t like that, BUT it beats what we would pay for Dan Hamhuis (who performed horribly when we got a look at him a few weeks ago). Besides, if New Jersey was looking at Hammy…ask yourself this: why are Predators fans so eager to get rid of him for next to nothing? Hmmm…

If it was anything like he showed us, he ain’t all that.

GOOD NEWS for Devils fans. David Clarkson has been reactivated from the injured reserve (and just in time)! Paul Martin is expected to return next Wednesday.

Now, I’ve been hinting at this for weeks…no one picked up on the name I was hinting around with…I threw names out there like Sergei Brylin to throw people off the scent…but it surfaced in Vancouver.

Jaromir Jagr.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Jaromir Jagr and Devils in the same sentence in the past few weeks.

But what I find funny, the player I picked up the name Jaromir Jagr to the Devils from (by reading his mind), has been talking about Jagr as of late to the beat reporters. Stan Fischler has been talking about it (even before then). Foreshadowing of things to come?

Usually the selling point for the Devils is: “I don’t care how much I get paid. It’s not about that. It’s about winning.” Kovalchuk has said it. Jagr was saying it in Vancouver.

After all, Jagr never has to worry about earning a paycheck ever again. What he made in Russia…whew…NO ONE has ever made that kind of money. So he really can live with next to nothing if he so decided to sign with a top 8 eastern conference team that’s heading into the playoffs in 2010.

KHL has 12 games left according to the last tweet I saw from KHL Hockey. The NHL trade deadline does not effect signing a KHL player. There are different rules. Jagr’s contract will end with the KHL unless he signs an extension.

Based on what I’ve heard from SKA St. Petersburg…money is an issue…i.e. lack of money, not getting paid, serious paycuts…you get my drift.

Speaking of SKA St. Petersburg…the KHL President said that SKA St. Petersburg will match…even double…whatever the Devils (or the NHL) is willing to pay Ilya Kovalchuk if the Devils (NHL) re-signs him.

Ummm…yeah…back to the ‘not getting paid, serious paycuts’…Mr. KHL President, you must not have spoken to Ilya, because Ilya has had a big smile on his face since he became a New Jersey Devil. He said that it’s not about the money. It’s about winning.

Unless the KHL has the Stanley Cup…Ilya ain’t going. Ilya has already started thwarting the rumors.

Besides, if it was really about the money, he would have signed that outrageous contract the Thrashers were willing to give to him.

Ilya has the trademark signs of remaining a Devil. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

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