Perfectionist Wannabe was born out of the idea that we can be better than we were yesterday.  When I first started this site, it was to explore all of the things that create a better life.  It was about exploring my curiosity into the finer things in life like how to make French and Italian dishes, discovering the music and lives of the great classical composers, and how to curate my own art collection.  I dove into those questions and shared what I learned.

Over time, I became curious about the people living their dreams.  The stories this site shares are about those people who inspire to be better than they were yesterday.  

This site explores the many ways that we can create change in our lives for the better.  Nobody is perfect, but we all strive to be in some way.  Those who aspire to be great strive to perfect themselves along that journey in life to success.  We have to remember to enjoy every step of the way and everything that life has to offer.  

You’ll find interviews from people living their dreams, books to read, movies worth talking about, recipes worth trying, home inspiration, ways to create your own fashion statement, my photography, diy projects, inspirational posts… just about everything that helps us to achieve our goals, no matter what they are.  I want you to walk away learning something new, feeling inspired, or racing for the next great deal.  Thanks for stopping by.  Say hello!  

Michelle Kenneth is the founder and voice behind Perfectionist Wannabe.  Based in New York City, she spends most of her time working, attending shows, galas, movie premieres, film festivals and special events where she can learn more about life and the creative process.  Michelle’s passions are film, writing, books, couture fashion, the arts, food, photography and diy projects.

Prior to the PW, she was a credentialed member of the media for Inside Hockey.  Her background is in law, government and politics.  She was a co-founder of the not-for-profit organization, the Olive Branch Society, where she served as vice president of governmental affairs.  She produced and starred in a V-Day production of “The Vagina Monologues” to help benefit women and girls who are victims of violence.  She has published articles on the landmine crisis as part of an Adopt-A-Minefield benefit.  Her work has been featured on Fox Sports, MSN, Orato.com, Inside Hockey and Indianapolis Star.  She’s spoken at NYU and appeared on various podcasts.  She is currently working on her first novel while managing this site.

Matthew Lucifer is a Maine Coon that often makes an appearance on this site and on Michelle’s social media.  Born on New Year’s Day in 2012, he serves as the model and photographer’s assistant on many of these posts.  You can follow him and his crazy antics on Instagram at mrmatthewkenneth.  {P.S.  He earned his middle name.}


You can find my archived hockey content at Inside Hockey and Michelle Kenneth Hockey.


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