Alexander McQueen

As I’m gearing up not just for the Olympics, but for Fashion Week in New York City, some sad news came across the wire this morning.

Legendary fashion designer Alexander McQueen committed suicide.

This news is hitting all of us the day before NYC Fashion Week begins.

McQueen is one of the most brilliant fashion designers of our age. His death is a serious loss to those who love fashion.

His death hits me harder than any celebrity death in recent years. Why? Because his art meant something to me.

Walking past the Saks Fifth Avenue windows and standing in awe at an Alexander McQueen masterpiece is what takes your breath away…again and again and again.

His work moves you to feeling not only beautiful, but it pleases your eyes and your soul. His work was timeless and magnificent.

Now, we say goodbye to Alexander McQueen. The fashion world has lost not only an artist, but a genius.

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