I spoke about this yesterday in my “Tooth Fairy” piece I wrote for Inside Hockey…Georges Laraque perseveres even when people tell him he’s not good enough.

I’ve been waiting to hear what Georges had to say about what happened last week, and he finally has: Georges Blog

That last paragraph in his blog was probably the most important part that was very inspiring:

I also can’t complain or feel down about anything that happened. I just look at what’s happening to my people in Haiti and that brings things back in perspective. Those people have reason to be down, but they are a proud and courageous nation. They have inspired me as well as the rest of the world. Please, realize how lucky we are here in our everyday lives! So since I have some time now, I will take advantage of it to heal up my body, work out harder than ever and stay in game shape… I will be 100% ready for my next opportunity, wherever and whenever it is. I will also use this time to help raise funds for Haiti. They say in life, everything happens for a reason… I will take it as a blessing that I have some time for this cause.

For those looking to donate money to Haiti, here are a few organizations:

American Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders

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