Alright…one last ditty about Burrows before I talk about other stuff (yeah…Venti Soy Peppermint Mocha has somewhat calmed me down)…

Some interesting stuff that Preds On the Glass had written up from the Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks game. Buddy was telling me today that it wasn’t until Tuesday when his son Jackson had written up what had happened with Burrows/Auger that he learned what was going on. He went back to read the feed that he had written during the Preds/Canucks game and thought…there indeed was something going on with the officiating.


Oh, and a lot of people are happy I grabbed the comments from the NHL’s Facebook page before it disappeared. It just goes to show that there is a major controversy here and fans disgruntled voices need to be heard!

Moving on away from the stuff that really pisses me off today…

Curtis Joseph will be getting his 19 days AFTER I’m done with Shanny’s so-called 21 days (that has taken forever to write). I think the NHL provided me with enough stuff to work off of for the rest of the season to do CuJo’s 19 days. Thanks guys!

Also, a little follow-up regarding the radio show…we are working out the details and have set a date to begin in mid-February. We’ll have more details in the next month.

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