The 5 Second Rule

Like the tagline for this site says, the purpose is to be better than we were yesterday.  This book helped me to stop procrastinating by putting off all the things I want to do and just do it.  The 5 Second Rule is the reason why I wake up at 5AM to get things done.  It helps me to be a better version of myself.  Thanks to this book, my main rule for my life is that every single day I must do something that brings me closer to the dream I have for myself.  I recommend getting the hard copy of this book and not the electronic version.  She uses a lot of social media success stories to describe how this rule works and it can be very difficult to read on an e-reader.  If you’re looking to change your life around, stop procrastinating and achieve the goals you set out for yourself.  This 5 Second Rule will change how you approach those goals in order to accomplish them!

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