The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

If you always wondered what it is like to be rich and famous, take a step out of your world and into the world of Evelyn Hugo.  A beautiful siren during the golden age of Hollywood, we follow her life from a young age in Hell’s Kitchen to the many husbands that helped to escalate her career in Hollywood during a time when your choice of husband dictated your level of success.  Without a man, it was difficult for a woman to rise to fame and success was all Evelyn Hugo ever wanted.  Yet, the question is who was the husband she loved the most?  Her answer is revealed in these pages.  In this book, you are instantly transported into the glamour of Hollywood where even in the drama that plays out around the characters, you want to stay in that world, because despite all the pain and suffering, you want this story to be real. [BOOK REVIEW]

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