No, this isn’t one of those posts on how to get a fake Fendi.  This is PW pointing you in a new direction…how to buy Fendi below the retail price.

Being a Fendi addict, I’ve found numerous ways to get the Fendi I want.  Whether it’s having patience and waiting for the season to end, or waiting a couple of years for the Fendi I want to come up on a resale site, an outlet site, or a wholesale site.

Take for instance this Fendi sold at Saks Fifth Avenue.

This backpack retails at $1500.  You can get the same bag at for $999.99.  Plus, if you’re a Club O member, you’ll earn $50 in Club O Rewards to go towards the purchase of some other fabulous item.

Shocked?  Well…we’re not done.

This Fendi Roma tote bag comes from Neiman Marcus.

The interesting part about this bag is that it’s currently on pre-order for $1,800. It’s expected to ship no later than April 1, 2015.  But Overstock has it already in stock for $1,299.99.  [O Club Rewards of $65.]

How about my favorite Fendi ombre zucca bag from Neiman Marcus?

Neiman Marcus is selling it for $1,100.  While Overstock is selling theirs for ($799.99). [O Club rewards of $40].

What if you want the Fendi 2Jours?

This one will cost you $2,350 at Nordstrom.  Overstock has it for $1,499.99. [O Club reward is $75.]  That’s almost 1/2 off the regular price.

So just why are you buying these items at the MSRP price when you can get the Overstock price, plus receive O Club rewards to use towards purchasing some other designer item (like a matching pair of Fendi sunglasses)?

Shop smarter, ladies.