The Perfect Spring Trench

It’s the first day of spring!  While some parts of the United States are watching the snow falling outside of their windows, thoughts of spring flowers, bright, sunnier days, and the return of spring colors (not to mention love being in the air) starts to fill our brains.  It makes us feel like it’s time to put away our winter clothes and pull out the lighter, spring wardrobe (or at least go shopping for a new one).

trina turkBut wait…it’s not warm enough yet!  You’re still going to need to bundle up, but at least now you don’t have to wear those dark oversized puffers.  It’s time for your perfect spring coat to see the sunshine.

While shopping for a spring trench, think of one that suits your current fashion personality the best.  Maybe you want something classic that you can wear every spring/fall.  Go with the classic Burberry trench.  Maybe your spring fashion personality this year is filled with lots of pastels.  Or maybe you plan on wearing more florals or patterns this spring.  Find a trench that will match well with the majority of your spring wardrobe you plan to wear this season.  That is the investment you are seeking.

You can go subtle or you can go dramatic.  Or if you’re like me, you buy a new coat each season to add to your coat wardrobe.  That way, you have a variety of choices no matter where your fashion mood strikes year to year.  When you build a coat wardrobe, you’ll always need to start with the classics and then later add a little fun into the mix.  From day coats to evening coats, you’ll eventually need one for every event that may come your way.  Take it one coat per season at a time.  A wardrobe doesn’t happen in one shopping trip, it takes years to build, so take it slow.

The perfect spring trench is one that makes you (and everyone else that sees you) happy, because it reminds them that it’s time for spring.  People think a lot of happy thoughts in the spring!

Think color.  Think florals.  Think patterns.  Let your coat make a statement.  Whether it’s a bold pattern or a light pastel, your perfect trench is the one that makes you feel happy.

Here are a few trenches that will get you thinking of what to add this spring.