Easy Updates for Spring

Spring is right around the corner.  In some parts of the US, maybe a little sooner than anticipated.  There’s nothing that says HAPPY like a spring update in our homes in springlike colors.

At The Foundary today, I found the above pillow covers in yellow.  I think pillow covers are great!  Instead of buying an entire pillow and then having so many pillows you don’t know what to do with when you want a refreshing new look, pillow covers come in very handy, because they are very easy to store.

Just last night, as I was moving the rugs around from one room to the next, I took a look at my couch and thought that new yellow pillows would look fantastic with the rug I just moved into the living room.  Of course, that means $20-$100 worth of pillows from Target. 

Instead, I picked up two pillow covers in yellow for $38.  Not a bad price, right?  They’ll match my other two yellow pillows I picked up last year from Target.  I can just cover up the other pillows that don’t match the look I’m going for this spring.

West Elm also sells pillow covers (as well as inserts) that will cost you from $9.99 (for the boring cover) to $39 per cover. 

For those wanting to shop at The Foundary, here is the invitation code: The Foundary.

I really like the site.  It has really cool home stuff at great prices.  Plus, when you invite others to join, you’ll receive a $10 credit.

Next on my spring update is a white sofa slipcover from Simply Shabby Chic from Target (currently $109).  One thing’s for sure…I’ll need a lint brush handy with a black and white tuxedo cat rolling around on the sofa! 

Also, for those that are big on the chevron pattern, there are a few chevron pillows in different spring colors at the Foundary for around the same price I paid. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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