Three Lessons to Learn in 2012

Lesson #1 in 2012…never fall into routine. 

Lesson #2 in 2012…you don’t have to do a huge task all at once.  Just do a little at a time each and every day.

Lesson #3 in 2012…what are you doing now?  What is happening NOW is more important than what’s happening tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a dream not yet realized.  Right now, that is the moment you are living.  How do you choose to live it?  Do you choose to live dreaming about a different life?  Or do you choose to live the life you know you were meant to live.  Live in that dream NOW.

Re: Lesson #1 … Life can start to get really boring when you fall into a routine.  You start to lose a sense of yourself when you fall into routine.  You start to really get bored with life doing the same exact thing day in and day out.  You start to really hate your life when it becomes routine.

So shake things up a little bit. 

* Instead of reaching for the same exact items at the grocery store, pick up something exotic and different.  Try a kale salad instead of a romaine salad.  Try the olives from the olive bar, instead of buying them from a jar. 

* Take a different route to work.  Explore places you never knew were there before.  Who knows?  You might find a cute little bakery or coffee shop you never knew was there.

* Take a class.  Join a reading group.  Do something extraordinary with other people.  Learn something new and something different.

Re: Lesson #2 … Just because that huge pile isn’t getting any smaller, it doesn’t mean you should feel defeated before you even start.  The first obstacle is always getting started.

Instead of sighing and giving up before you even start, tackle the first mountain by saying to yourself that all you need to do is a little for now.  Just do a little here and there.  Keep reminding yourself that you’re going to do a little bit here and there each and every single day.

Soon, you’ll find that you are starting to accomplish something one day at a time, knowing that it doesn’t have to all be done at this very second.  You know that in time, it will be done.  You’ll find that as time goes along, you’ll devote more time and more energy to the project…when it starts to not look so overwhelming anymore.

As things come together, you’ll start to smile a little more, because you realize that you put a lot of work into it, and you didn’t let it overwhelm you.  You appreciate what you’ve done even more when you don’t start the project with negative feelings. 

By keeping your focus positive all throughout the task, you’ll find that all of that positive energy you put into it…makes you feel more wonderful about it when the project is completed.

Re: Lesson #3 … There are many people that don’t realize that life is going on RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow.  People get excited about things that will happen in the future, but forget that they could get excited about what’s happening right now. 

You can make plans for the future, but you should never forget that the most important time is now.  We live in this time, not in tomorrow’s time.  Eventually tomorrow becomes now.  But between now and then, there are plenty of days to live before then.

Mankind’s biggest mistake in life…is not living in this very moment.  Don’t let your life pass you by dreaming about a different life.  You could live that life now if you took the steps to make those dreams come true.

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