Dreaming of a Peekaboo?

Over a year ago, I found this bag that was just so cute, I had to own it.  It was perfect for me.  Little did I know that it was the same design as the $3,180 Fendi Peekaboo. 

My co-worker saw the bag and fell in love with the style…and ordered 2!  Afterwards, we found out our bag (which is legal, btw) is a cheaper version of the Fendi Peekaboo.

I noticed that there were a few hits to my site of people looking for a cheaper version of the Fendi Peekaboo…which is being carried around by celebrities…and most recently seen on Gossip Girl (a few times). 

So I’ll tell you where I got mine!

You can buy this one (which comes in Blue, Black, Red and Brown) from Handbag Heaven for $43.31.  I plan on picking up the blue one (I have the black already, but the one I have is no longer on the site).

I also plan on picking up 1…maybe all 3 of these from Handbag Heaven (comes in pewter, bronze and camel/tan:

All three are also $43.31.

As for quality…my co-worker had a problem with hers and returned it (she said it was excellent customer service), but had no problems with the other one.  I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s still in great condition.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that the bag keeps opening up…which is the same way the Fendi Peekaboo was designed.  So if you don’t mind this design ‘flaw’ (if you want to call it that), then go for it.  The price is a great price and from what I heard…the girls at Marie Claire were asking my co-worker if she bought it off the street because it looked like the real deal (and they know my co-worker would never spring $3,000 for a bag). 

Alas, it’s not made of goatskin…so consider this the vegetarian friendly version of the Peekaboo.

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