So this whole minimalist thing is hard to do…really it is…so I’ll have to find another way to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

In the meantime, let me flood your senses with some discoveries on my what’s next to buy list…

FOUND: Zara Dress for $49.99.

Zara is having their end of the season sale.  These prices are so good…even the fashionistos (the guys) will be shopping the Zara sale.  It’s a really good sale!

FOUND: Eiffel Tower Wall Stickers for $29.99.

This is the most amazing inexpensive makeover piece I’ve found.  It comes in a variety of colors, variety of patterns, and it’s easy to put up and remove.  You don’t even have to put it up on your wall…you can just put it up on canvas and hang like artwork.  I loved this idea and design so much, I ended up finding a little something for every single room.  It’s a new way to give your room more character.

FOUND: Piazza Sempione Cocoon Coat at Saks for $619.99.

Want to know a good way to help you figure out what coat to buy when you can’t decide?  Pin it on Pinterest.  You can tell by the number of repins and likes which one is the coat that everybody likes the most.  This one was the favorite.  Although, I’m more partial to the Armani…but I’m still shopping around.


FOUND: Bliss Sofa ($1199.00), Bliss Chair ($699.00) and Pillows ($59.00) from West Elm.

West Elm is so dangerous.  Went there to look at a few pillows, ended up finding new furniture to lust after.  And here I was getting ready to order this from Urban Outfitters for $699.

FOUND: A new discount invite only sale site just for the HOME!

Joss & Main is my new favorite discount invite only sale site.  I really love this place.  It has so much of what I’m looking for at prices that have me going…’are you serious?’  (because I know the retail and sale prices, these prices have those other retailers beat).  They definitely come in handy for those of us that are redecorating, remodeling or moving.  One of the sofas featured today is $649…and is very similar to one of the sofas I was considering from Urban Outfitters.  They had UO’s already urban chic prices beat.

FOUND: Gold Glitter Ballet Flats from Zara $29.99.

Oh, how could I leave out gold glitter ballet flats?  Always on my lust list…these are on sale at Zara.  Can’t wait to put them on my feet!

FOUND: Marc Jacobs Tote at Bloomingdales $112.80

I have a little obsession with the Marc Jacobs Tote.  I already have one.  This one I want.  I also had another tote sent to me from Saks for $40.  I just love the style and design.  You won’t believe how much stuff I can carry in one of these.  Retail is $188.  If you can land one for around $130 or less…you’ve landed a deal.  It’s the latest IT BAG in NYC.  I’ve seen several women carrying this bag around in various colors and patterns.

FOUND: Kate Spade Sparkler Missy $93.

There’s just something about gold and glitter and sparkly stuff.  $93 for a sparkling Kate Spade bag, why yes, please!  Ring me up!

FOUND: Kate Spade Baubles $64.

I really love this cuff.  It’s gold.  It’s sparkly and will match the flats and the purse.  So cute.  Also love the bow!


So as you can see…there’s so much eye candy that I can’t decide what to get next.  Knowing me, I’ll just horde them all now…find a place for it all later…

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