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1. 10 Pinterest Accounts You Should Be FollowingI’m still new to this whole Pinterest phenomenon, but the site is addictive.  I’ve found so many DIY projects, recipes, and things I just have to buy.  I’ve discovered new blogs, new artists, and interesting articles (like this one). 

If anything, the main thing you can take from this article is how to become a more influential pinner. 

2. 50 Under $50 For The Ladies.  Looking for the right gift for a lady in your life (wife, girlfriend, fiancee, sister, mom, aunt, grandma…)?  Well, SheFinds has come out with the best list I’ve seen so far.  Why do I think that?  Because I want practically everything they list! 

It’s hard to narrow down what I want…but if my Santa’s really nice to me (hint, hint)…he can get me all 50 and I’ll be better than good to him next year (is that possible?). 

Here’s the Gift Guide For The Man In Your Life.

Oh, and btw, that 50 Under $50 for HER…has been retweeted and favorited so many times by people on my Twitter account that my entire timeline reads FAVORITED/RETWEETED for just that one post alone. 

3. Top 50 Under $50 Gifts For HOME.  Why I liked this guide…it gave me some new ideas for the home and introduced me to new sites where I can shop for home items.  I’m already an avid home shopper at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie (I love Anthropologie’s sales), but I didn’t know that ModCloth had home stuff (Paris prints…they are so what I have been looking for to go in the kitchen!).

A lot of the products listed actually gave me a lot of ideas for presents for my brother. 

4.  Peppermint Hot Fudge Sauce Leave it to Rebecca Minkoff to have my mouth watering (and we’re not talking about a Rebecca Minkoff purse here).  The Minkette has a little blog entry containing details for a peppermint hot fudge sauce recipe from The Smitten Kitchen. 

I so can’t wait to try this at home after Christmas Dinner.  Mmmmm…

5.  World’s Prettiest Christmas Lights.  I loved the pictures from this article!  Direct from Australia, you’ll find pictures of Christmas lights from all over the world.  If anything, it will really get you into the holiday spirit!

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