I’m imPressed

{From the Influenster Holiday Vox Box}

I’m not one to get my nails done every single week or get acrylics, so I didn’t know how to react to trying the imPress Press-On Manicure.  The last time I put on press on nails was in 1993 for my senior year Halloween costume.  Those Lee Press On Nails all managed to stick to my catwoman costume rather than my nails!

Thinking that maybe technology had advanced and these babies just might stick…I put them on right before I went to bed.  The true test would be to see if they would last through the night.  If they did, then we had a bona fide amazing product on my hands.

{Nail style is LOVE BITES}

When I woke up the next morning, every nail was still in tact…and they still looked absolutely perfect.

So the next question is how long did they last?  I put them on Wednesday night and took them off on Saturday when I got to Montreal.  I think they could have stayed on longer, but the reason why I took them off had more to do with travel reasons.

I wore these babies to a casino night holiday party on Thursday and on through to the Scott Niedermayer night at Prudential Center on Friday.  They held up really well. 

When I got to Montreal on Saturday, I had to take them off…but not for reasons you would think.  If I had stayed home and not hit the road, I think they probably would have lasted an entire week.

I took them off in Montreal because I got a lot of soot and dirt on the nail ends that just wouldn’t come off.  I find this only happens when I travel.  It’s not easy getting soot off of my own nails…even worse to get them off these press-on nails.

During the main two days that I was wearing the nails, I went around and asked regular acrylic wearers what they thought.  They all said that they looked fabulous.  The only way they knew they were fake…the designs on the nails were perfect. 

I was very imPressed with how well the nails held up.  I actually like them A LOT.  It’s an easier way to get my nails done, and it hides the flaws in my nails.  I think the next time I put them on, I’ll make sure that I’m not traveling so they’ll last longer. 

Then again…maybe imPress can come out with a set of nails for those jetsetters that have the soot and dirt problems when they travel.

So for those ladies that are lazy and don’t like spending forever at the nail salon getting their nails done (and waiting an eternity for them to dry, and then end up smudging them ALL OF THE TIME)…this is the product for you.  Also, for those ladies that just need something quick and very fashion forward, put these on and you’re ready to go.  I really liked this product.  I plan on using them more often.  {That’s the polite way of saying…I’m officially an ADDICT now.}

For more information on imPress, head on over to their webiste: www.impressmanicure.com.  While you’re there, check out their app to see how all 36 styles will look on you.  You can even get a coupon for $1 off on their site. {You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @BwayNails.}


{This product was received complimentary to test through Influenster’s Vox Box program.}

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