A Night With Constantine Part III

Honestly, I thought I was done.  I finished up the Jonathan Toews and Steven Stamkos photos and then saw a bunch of dark photos.  Oh, what’s that?  It’s the Constantine pics I was really looking for to make the Rockstar artwork. 

This is actually what I was looking for at the concert when I wanted to create a Rockstar series.  It may not be to everyone’s taste, but when I think of what I would want to decorate my home in…this is the type of artwork I’m looking for.

It’s a hit or miss with most.  No one will know this is actually Constantine Maroulis…unless I tell you it’s him. 😉

And of the photos taken…this one is defintely going up in my office.

This one reminds me of Bono and the Edge for some strange reason.  I think Anton Corbijn may have taken a similar photo.

And this one…just looks like an album cover to me. 

Guess I have plenty of new ‘rock and roll’ artwork to go up.

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