A Night With Constantine Part II

As I was going through the Jonathan Toews and Steven Stamkos photos from yesterday, I found a few more Constantine pictures. I have no idea how they got mixed up in there!  The Toews and Stamkos pics will be up a little later today, but here are the rest of the Constantine photos from last night.  [And girls, be patient…Toews did a wonderful job looking into the camera, so I’ll have some gems for you.  Yes, Winter Adams…I know you hate me. 😉 ]

Oh, and according to my schedule, not only will I be taking photos at the New Jersey Devils golf tournament next week, but it looks like I’ve got Kristin Chenoweth and Suzanne Vega on the sched next week, too!  “My name is Luka…”

Without ado…here’s the last of the Constantine pics from last night.


And the fave of the bunch is this one.  It’s so peaceful.

Also, after listening to the album (third time since last night)…I’m only going to say this…the songs that really stick out to me happen to be the ones written by Constantine. There’s a different feel to them, a different meaning. 

I was reading the lyrics to “So Long” and saw myself back in 2004 leaving the man I loved (the rockstar that will remain nameless) and heading to New York City.  He thought I was moving to Los Angeles.  He found out two weeks later, after I moved to NYC, that I didn’t move to LA like we planned.

“So Long” is like that song that summed up exactly why I left for NYC.  You’re always scared that you made a mistake, because you know this person was something very special to you.  I mean…it was like God was winking at the two of us.  But the fact remained…he had broken my heart. 

I needed to be lost in a sea of eight million people where he wouldn’t find me so that I could heal what was left of me.  I left before he could completely destroy me like Dorian Gray did to Basel.  Yeah…that rockstar…he’s my Dorian Gray.

Last night, maybe in a drunken haste, listening to that other guy who watched me and the rockstar fall in love, I wondered if I made a mistake in not staying with that guy.  He stood at the back of the club that one night because he had to see it for himself.  He had to see if some other rockstar had stolen my heart…and he saw it was true.  He saw the way we looked at each other.  He saw the way that other rockstar would look at me when I wasn’t looking, and he knew he had lost me to someone else.

I broke that rocker’s  heart and he headed to the studio a couple of months later and worked out that broken heart in the studio…and made something incredible.  It came from his heart. 

That’s what I love about the songs written by Constantine.  It comes from the heart.  He sings the song differently.  You can feel the song much differently than when he sings someone else’s song.

Ironically, the songs he writes…I can relate the story to some page in my life…when rock and roll was actually part of my life.

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