Just Hand Me My Camera…

It’s been almost 2 years since I allowed myself to sit in front of a camera.  I decided that it was long overdue…so I took about 1000 pictures today.  You read that correctly 1000 pictures…and I took them all. 

No, I don’t hold the camera.  I program the camera to take the shots for me.  Lovely little device this camera is…

I also discovered a fun little program called PhotoScape.  It’s a free program that you can download from CNET.  It actually does wonders with photos from adding borders to adding effects like cinematic stills and antique prints (my personal favorite). 

I wrote over on Losing 100 Pounds of Unhappiness why I decided to finally sit in front of the camera again.  Sometimes you have to remind yourself that when you’re beating yourself up over how you’re a fat slob…sometimes you have to let the camera be the judge.  Sometimes you have to let the camera show you that you’re still a beautiful person, no matter how much you tell yourself you’re anything but.

Here is the first batch from the 1000 photos that survived my delete button. {If slideshow doesn’t start with the first big ass pic (no, there are no pics of my ass on here)…just click on the photo and it will start up the slideshow in a new screen.}

These two are my favorites so far:

Ok…and maybe this one too.

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