I’m Musing…(maybe)

It’s been a while since I posted a musing, so I thought I’d do something non-hockey related because I’ve been musing a lot about non-hockey related things.

1.  Name: Ben Barnes.

Is it humanly possible for a man to get any better friggin looking?  You may know this man as Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia movies (part 2 & 3).  When I first saw Barnes, I thought…no, I prayed…that he wasn’t some 16 year old that I was having a lot of naughty thoughts for after seeing Prince Caspian in the movie theaters. 

Thank goodness he was in his late 20s!  Barnes just turned 30 years old on Saturday.  And lo and behold…he cut his long Prince Caspian hair and turned into a teenager again.

Forever young, maybe?  I didn’t think God could make anyone so beautiful. 

He’s currently in Connecticut filming his next movie “The (Big) Wedding.”  But the movie I want to see now?  When I’m not lusting after a Prince Charming…Knight In smoldering hot Shining Armor (like this guy):

I really want to see his latest film “Killing Bono.”  I had to laugh when I saw the title, because it’s about a band that went to high school with U2.  They wanted the U2 success…and hated that U2 got their success.  Looks to be an incredibly funny movie with Barnes starring as my favorite kind of guy…a rockstar.  And of course, you know how I love U2 and Bono…


2.  Name: Constantine Maroulis.

You may remember him from American Idol.

FYI, he’s my all-time favorite American Idol.  He’s also the only American Idol I’ve ever encountered at a random party.  Then again, if you know me, this should not surprise you.  Why?  Because it’s just how my universe works. 

Remind me to tell you about the time I ran into the Bachelor outside of my house in Indianapolis…and then again when I moved to NYC.  I mean literally…he was right outside of both places and HE stopped to talk to ME both times.  Although, the first time…was probably his most embarrassing moment in his entire lifetime!

At any rate, Constantine will be playing at the Highline Ballroom on September 9th.  And who’s got tickets?  MOI! 

Ever since Rock of Ages…my gawd…you would have to be insane to pass up a Maroulis show.  I mean…if you love rock and roll…you will love him.  He stirs up that rock and roll magic deep down in your soul and just makes you explode with love for rock music.

Here’s a recent clip of Constantine performing Jersey’s own Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.”


You also have to see this clip from Disney.  All I can say is…I have to buy one of those Rock Star Mickeys.  It’s for the future littl’un (not for me).  Sheesh.

I’ll be sneaking my camera into the show on 9/9 to take some pics of Constantine, so stay tuned. 

3. Rockstars.

Do you see a recurring theme here?  Something about rockstars?  Well…there may be a reason for it. 

As I ponder how I’m going to shape my future as I move on to the next stage in life, something I don’t want to leave out this time is the rock and roll lifestyle.  I can’t even begin to explain how much I miss it.  It’s been in the back of my mind ever since I saw Rock of Ages on Broadway. 

I used to be so passionate about music.  When I was working at the Capitol building, I would get messages and phone calls from rockstars all day long.  The Senate staffers would all laugh and play the ‘let’s guess which rockstar is calling this time.’

You know, it was actually nice being so in demand all of the time…and so in demand by all of these rockstars.  What girl wouldn’t love that?  Hell, I did.

I sometimes think back to the day a few years ago when a band pursued me all the way to New York City to ask me to manage them.  It was a band I really believed in, and a band I expected to make it big.  Saying “No” to the lead singer was a tough thing to do.  It was like breaking someone’s heart.

I had to explain that I came to NYC not for music, but for myself.  I needed to start a new life. 

But the way this universe works of mine…if you think rockstars haven’t been lurking in the corners of my life over these past 7 years I’ve been in NYC, think again.  They keep cropping up left and right.  Even when I walk away, they still creep back in.  To me, that’s a sign from God…never forget your passions in life…and I was very passionate about rock music.

Reading “Super Rich” by Russell Simmons reminds me of who I was.  It reminds me of the paths I changed in life, and the paths that could open up to me if I kept pursuing my passions in life.  You should always do the things you love more than anything.  Do it for free if you have to…just as long as you’re doing it.  That’s all that really matters in life.  Doing the things you love and are passionate for.  Do what you love.

All of this means that I’m allowing rock music back into my life as I move into the next phase.  Whatever that path in music may be, it will be defined and re-defined as I enter the new phase.  Even if that new phase is just being passionate about music again, then so be it. 

It’s just…you can’t help but notice when rockstars keep popping back into your life again and again and again.  The universe is trying to say something.

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