5 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Journalist

I just came across this on Twitter.  I agree with the majority of the 5 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Journalist.  But I may add that for some HOCKEY writers, it doesn’t all apply.  So let me add…

1.  Like hockey players, when we’re not at the game, we usually don’t watch hockey games on television at home or elsewhere.   

2.  We have a life outside of hockey (this seems to shock more men than anything else).

3.  Yes, my schedule is booked and pre-determined by the NHL every July.  Every now and again, I find out I’m going somewhere or I have to cover another team during the season.  It happens.  It’s work.  So print out the team’s schedule and put it on your calendar.  Those are the days I’m busy.  When April rolls around and you’re trying to make plans with me…if you want a real answer, I won’t know.  So don’t expect a realistic answer until June after the Stanley Cup is lifted.  I just don’t know what’s going on with my schedule.

4. When not absorbed with hockey…I need to relax.  I don’t want to read the sports pages.  I don’t want to watch ESPN or the NHL Network.  I want to chill and relax with a movie or a good book.  I need a break…just like hockey players do.

5. If I have to cancel plans all of a sudden because a hockey player told me that the only time he was available was when we had a previous engagement…trust me…the million dollar man will come before you.  He’s the boss and I have to bend to his schedule, because he isn’t supposed to bend to my schedule.  So understand that.

6. Don’t ask for hockey tickets or autographs.  I’ll dump you. 

7. When not at hockey, I don’t want to talk about hockey, so please have other subjects prepared for discussion.

8. Yes, hockey players text message me, call me, DM me and email me.  Don’t go through my phone or emails to find out what they’re saying.  We speak in code…which means you’ll assume things.  For your own sanity…let my work be.

9.  Keep in mind…this is a job. If you wouldn’t want me butting into your work life, then you need to keep out of mine. 

10.  You can’t go on the road with me. 

11.  I need coffee to write, so don’t drink it all or bug me while I’m writing on a weekend morning.

12.  When my editor says I’m burned out and need to relax…you get me for a couple of months while I’m on sabbatical.  But don’t get too attached to that freedom, because hockey season does start back up again.

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