Spring Deals

It’s the springtime, which means that my off-season is right around the corner.  While my friends are rejoicing that my schedule is now freeing up, we still have activities to plan!  What helps in this economy are severely discounted tickets.

What also goes hand in hand is dressing the part.

So…here are the top deals on the net right now.

1.  NY Yankees.  I hate baseball.  I don’t see the point of it.  But I will go to Yankees games just for the hell of it, because, as one person said to me today, it’s about the atmosphere, not the game itself.  I usually can score free tickets, but since the new arena made the prices go up, no one was buying tickets (or giving them away).  So this season…the Yankees are offering $5 tickets. $5 Yankees Tickets 

Chicago White Sox…awaits! 

2.  NY/NJ Red Bulls.  Well, if you missed the big Groupon sale today…then you missed it!  $15 tix to the game on April 16th (which also includes your choice of scarf or t-shirt).  If I were you, I’d sign up for Groupon notifications so you don’t miss out the next time a great deal comes up.  NJ Devils tickets have hit the site several times. Click Here to sign up for Groupon

3.  The $2 Anniversary Sale.  So I saw a former hockey player sign up for this mega-sale…most likely for the wife.  The Outnet (a luxury sample sale site at seriously discounted prices) is having their annual anniversary sale.  Since this is their 2 year anniversary, everything on the site is $2.  Yes, I said $2.  Yes, those Prada boots are $2.  Yes, those Christian Louboutin heels are $2.  Yes, that Valentino bag is $2.  Trust me, it’s $2.  BUT, not just anyone can shop the $2 sale.  You have to win a ticket and only 2000 tickets are available (trust me, this is like finding the friggin golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory!). 


They are selecting 200 emails daily.  Also, another 200 tickets go out to those top people who pass the word along to the most people.  Luckily, you only have to sign up once to get that email in there.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Last year’s anniversary sale was for $1.  Women walked away with $1 Louboutin shoes!  So jealous!

4.  Movie Tickets on the Cheap!  Every now and again Living Social (like Groupon) has Daily Deals.  I’ve scored movie tix for $7 from Living Social.  These deals are great for me and my friends because we can never justify going to the movies for $11-$13.  Thanks to Living Social, Harry Potter is already paid for in advance! 

Click Here to Sign Up for Living Social Deals

Living Social isn’t the only cool place to get great deals.  I’ve gotten great deals from Gilt City.  All you can eat BBQ at Justin Timberlake’s restaurant Southern Hospitality?  You bet…and on the cheap.  Oh, and they threw in some all you can drink beer too. 

Movie tickets, discounts for restaurants, spas, and some of the biggest ‘social’ events in town…all on Gilt City.

5.  Now, I know you’re waiting on me to say something about FREE.  Well, all I can say is that I’ve been collecting goodies around the NHL and the hockey realm for 4:00 Trivia now that the off season is getting ready to start. 

There are goodies from various sponsors.  Kevin Weekes just autographed all of my photos/artwork and sent them back to me for this summer’s trivia contest.  There are the various goodies given to me from players in Prague…and goodies given out at various NHL arenas.  Brooklynite and the Puck Agency are also sending some Brooklynite gear.  The list keeps growing. 

That means, because there are more prizes…the contest now turns into a weekly contest rather than a monthly contest. 

6.  Shecky’s.  Ladies…grab your girlfriends and head to the Girls Night Out near you.

I’ll admit that I go only for the goodie bag…but when you bring the girls, you have to booze it up with the free drink tickets. 😉 

Major discounts on amazing stuff.  I tend to find some great dresses there for $20-$25. 

The earlier you book tickets the cheaper the tickets get.  $10 off for early birds.  The goodie bags alone are worth every penny. 😉

For NYC, the next big event is June 22-24.  I’ll be in Vegas, but trust me when I say, I’ll be there by the 24th!

7.  Last, but not least…a true fashionista has to have a booming closet, right? 

Since I order my wardrobe before the new season starts, my wardrobe arrives a few weeks before the items hit the store shelves.  I must be rolling in the dough, right?  Or maybe I’m just saving a lot of dough by shopping at the right places.  Here are some hints from some major sites.  [They do sell guy stuff on these sites too!]

a) Ideeli.com has been a big go to for dresses for me.  I can’t tell you how many guys have stopped me to tell me that they liked my dress.  All of those dresses came from Ideeli.  [Note: When do men ever tell a lady that they like their clothes?  Start shopping!]

b) Modnique.com is one of my favorite sites.  I get a lot of my bags from them…and I am a handbag addict.  I even got a pair of Valentino shoes for $88.  Unthinkable!  But true! 

c) Rue La La has become my most loved site.  Why?  Because Psycho Puck Lady bought a Burberry bag in Japan that could not be found anywhere in all of North America…until…Rue La La featured it in their Burberry sale.  Not only did I get the Psycho’s signature Burberry bag, BUT I got it at half the price she paid for it (yes, she hates me now). 

So instead of $695 for the bag, I paid $347.50.  Where can you get Burberry bags that cheap?  WHERE?

What I love about Rue La La is that they take the biggest designers around (Chanel, Burberry, Prada, etc.) and bring their prices down to where they are actually affordable. 

So shop on.  The trick to a fashionable wardrobe is to buy qualitative (and your favorite designers) without paying the retail price.  Super sale discounts are every shopaholics fantasy come true.

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