Happy Holidays

I would like to wish everyone a happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate (or don’t celebrate). May you be blessed with goodness and happiness. May your days be peaceful as we celebrate peace on earth.

Continue to bring peace forward into the universe, be mindful of your actions. Look back on the days of this year as we travel towards the new year to learn what has changed, what was good, what was bad and what you can do to improve in the upcoming year.

Set realistic goals in the new year.

Say you’ll lose 5 pounds, instead of 20. Keep telling yourself that you want to lose just 5 pounds until you reach your goal.

Make sure to increase your knowledge in the new year. Make it part of your resolution. Resolve to read 50 pages a day (or 20 pages), or go to a museum you’ve always wanted to go to…or see an exhibit.

Resolve to take up a hobby that always interested you.

Resolve to love with all of your heart, each and every person…and never expect anything in return.

Do something good for Mother Earth. Whether it’s just recycling, greening your cleaning, planting a tree, or growing a garden…do something good for the planet, and you’ll feel good about what you’ve done.

GIVE to charity. If you can’t donate money, donate your time, donate your unused items (cars, clothes, books, etc.).

Take care of your health. You can’t live the life you want to live if you don’t have your health.

Take care of your money. If there’s anything the world should have learned in this past couple of years is how to survive with little to no money. Take this time to re-evaluate your finances. Learn how to live frugally and save money…but at the same time contributing. When you take care of your money, it takes care of YOU.

Be soulful. Now is the time to nurture your soul. Learn how you can in whichever direction God leads you. You’ll be more happier when you do. The greatest mistake man has ever done was forget he was a soul. Nurture your soul and you will be complete.

About Michelle Kenneth

Michelle Kenneth is the voice behind PerfectionistWannabe.com.