Fashion Week – Sept 2009

As the invitations come in, I have been having a difficult time deciding what I’m doing during Fashion Week this year. In years prior, I’ve been on the outside looking at all of the cool people (Kid Rock comes to mind) walking into the big white tent in Bryant Park each Fashion Week season asking myself “When am I going to be one of those cool people?”

Well, I’m one of those types that ends up trying not to photograph supermodels backstage having a cigarette about to lose it to whoever they’re talking to on their cell phones. There are days like that I want to take that photo, publish it and say…this is the ugly side of beauty.

Really…do you want to be that girl having a cigarette out back, freaking out about this, that and the other and being the nastiest bitch that ever walked the planet? And most of all do you want to be that person that is really, really, really hungry looking at people like they could be her next lunch.

If only supermodels could have the Lap-Band…

Last year, I kind of fell into the fashion world…the Russian fashion world that is. Don’t ask me how…it just happened. Between Depesha magazine’s launch and their fashion parties since their launch, I found myself joining up on various Russian causes in NYC like the Russian Children’s Welfare Society RCWS.ORG.

You can blame the movie “The Italian” for my desire to help children in Russia. That movie had me tearing up and crying all throughout thinking, ‘What can I do to help those little Russian orphans?’ So, naturally, RCWS came to me by way of Depesha magazine.

Btw, Depesha and RCWS…RUSSIAN in case you haven’t figured it out.

So it’s no surprise that RCWS would be hosting their own charity fashion show during fashion week…and I’m going.

Throw in Anna Wintour’s brain child, Fashion Night Out, and my list of things to do during Fashion Week has grown considerably long.

The list for FNO has grown steadily. I keep looking at all of the parties and wondering which one to go to. I finally decided on one event…Saks Fifth Avenue, because the guy who makes my $23/bottle shampoo, hair conditioner and other hair products will be there. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to let him be my new hair stylist. I guess it would be good to meet the guy and decide if $750 a visit is worth my money. Will he love my hair more than I love it?

But thanks to Fekkai and his staff, he’s made these long locks luxurious by way of his hair products. Who knew that luxury hair could come in a bottle?

Fashion Week will be a very busy week for me. I don’t even have to buy a dress because there have been some dresses in waiting for some time now. I just have to finalize the party list.

So nice of Fashion Week to show up right before Training Camp. 🙂

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