Fight the Winter Hair Blahs + Free Samples

Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo from Maple Holistics. Background from Paper Source. Wooden camels – a gift from a vendor in Marrakech, Morocco.

Now that the temperatures have dropped, my hair and scalp are starting to take a beating.  During the winter months, I need to change my hair care routine.  So when Maple Holistics reached out to me, I decided to try their Tea Tree Special Formula shampoo during my spa day.

I noticed recently that I was starting to develop blemishes on my scalp, along with some flaking.  I used this once and instantly saw results.  The blemishes went away and the dandruff that was starting to appear disappeared.

I used my regular conditioner to soften my hair then added hair oil post-shower to keep my tresses from becoming dry and brittle from the elements.  Using this shampoo once a week has healed my scalp.  This is all thanks to the fact that this is a holistic, all natural product.

I’ve tried various drugstore versions of dandruff shampoos and had to stop using them, because it made the situation much worse.  It was like I was adding dandruff to my head instead of removing it.

In one wash, the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo fixed everything!  No harsh chemicals added to my head.  Just pure natural ingredients…the way nature intended for us to heal and soothe our scalp from the elements.

While I am still new to this product, some of the other benefits of using the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo may take some time to kick in (like slowing the shedding and thinning of hair), but I am looking forward to seeing these results.  This product also promotes:

    • Healthy Hair Growth
    • Slows hair loss, shedding and thinning hair
    • Prevents flaking and dandruff
    • Soothes irritated scalps
    • Eradicates lice

With all natural ingredients, this cure for dry scalp is a must have to add to your weekly routine.  It soothes and heals your scalp during these harsh winter months.

Maple Holistics

What I like about Maple Holistics is that they are a New Jersey based company (i.e. made in the USA).  My friends are huge fans of the holistic, all-natural, essential oil treatment approach.  Every time I have an ailment, a friend is always contacting me to let me know which essential oil to use to feel better.  After using a few essential oils over this past year, I see why they are such huge followers.

My home right now smells like candy canes, because of the peppermint essential oil I am currently using.  Peppermint helps with allergies and breathing.  Back in August, we had a black mold situation and I discovered I was allergic.  Three bronchial infections followed back to back over the next three months.  Then a couple of weeks ago, someone coughed in my face and I wound up with a cold that knocked me out for three days.

That cold could have been much worse if I had not used peppermint oil in my humidifier (and on my pillowcases) and taken ibuprofen (news alert: I learned that ibuprofen is the best medicine to use for the common cold).  It helped me to breathe and lasted all night, unlike NyQuil.

Finding the right company that sells qualitative essential oil products is difficult.  You can’t just buy an essential oil and assume it will work if it is not from a reputable company.  It could be a fake.  You have to rely on testimonials from people that use the product to know if it works or not…and I’m telling you…THIS PRODUCT WORKED FOR ME!

The tea tree oil shampoo was a pleasant surprise and it worked on the first try.  It worked the second and third time too with instant results.  It is that type of quality that I am looking for in a product to win me over as a customer.

No more reaching for chemicals to fix the winter blahs.  I am going the all natural route.  Maple Holistics has won me over.


Now, to the part you want to know…how you can get free samples of their product.  It’s simple.  Go to their site HERE, fill out the form, and choose which product you would like to try.  Men, women, children or pets can try their all natural products for free.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised how wonderful these products are for you.

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This post was sponsored by Maple Holistics.
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