Norse Mythology

Marvel gets it wrong. Perhaps they should have picked up the old Norse Mythology stories before developing the movies.  It was because of the Thor comic books that this book exists.  Neil Gaiman loved Thor.  He loved the comic books and the Norse stories.  The books that told the old stories started to disappear, so Gaiman decided to preserve the tales as best as he could and release “Norse Mythology.”  In these stories, you’ll find similarities to the Rick Riordan “Magnus Chase” demi-god books.  You will even find how wrong Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok was.  [Spoiler: In the movie, Hela is Thor and Loki’s older sister.  In the mythology, she is Hel, daughter of Loki.]  If you want to expand your knowledge of human history, you must read this book.  These stories are the old stories of the Northern gods.

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