What Makes God Happy?

I don’t often share my meditations anymore, but I thought I would share this one, just because it really makes you think outside of yourself.  This is about finding a way to be happy by thinking beyond just yourself.

Usually when we speak to God, whether through prayer or meditation, it is always about what we want. We are always asking for this, that and the other, never stopping to ask God how was his day.  How many of us really take the time to ask God how he’s doing?  How many of you ever have?

When I started off my meditation the other night, I asked him, “What do you want me to know?”  [As in, what should we talk about that concerns me?]  Then I stopped and said, “Wait.  That is selfish of me.  Let’s try something else.  Tell me…what makes you happy?”

I honestly don’t think anyone has ever asked God that.  Sure, in many religions, someone will say we should do things that will make God happy with us.  Asking about God’s happiness is always centered on a selfish reason, like ‘are you happy with me?’  Are we doing good things in God’s eyes?  It is always a self reflection of ourselves, rather than just asking God…what is good or what makes him happy.

So what did God reveal when asked this question?  The answer is much simpler than you can ever imagine.  Here are a few examples of what makes God happy…

  • The laughter of a child.
  • Playing games with your child, chasing them around outside.
  • Sitting down, talking, sharing and laughing with good friends.
  • The sun shining on your face.
  • Counting the stars in the sky.
  • Lying down in the grass, watching the clouds go by next to the person you love (like your child).
  • The person you love (like your child) wrapping their arms around you and leaning their head against your chest.
  • A hug from someone you love (like your child).

There is a common theme in all of this.  The first one being that none of the things that makes God happy centers around material things.  Not a single thing above deals with objects.  Instead, it deals with people and nature.  God’s happiness is found in sharing love with those around you and finding peace in nature.

These examples are all very simplistic moments, but they are all things that we take for granted each and every day.  We take for granted how it feels to hold someone you love.  We don’t take time to meet with friends to talk and laugh together in an outside environment, enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature.  We don’t chase after our kids and play with them outside.  How many of us sit down and even look at the stars every night?  [Those of us who live in the city don’t even have the luxury of seeing stars in the sky.]

Can you remember the last time you laid down in the grass and watched the clouds floating by?  I think it’s been decades ago for me.

When you truly think about doing those things (and the last time you actually did them), did it bring a moment of happiness to your heart?  Remember when those moments were so pure, innocent and peaceful?  Those are the moments that make God happy.

Thinking of those examples, when you want to find your own moment of happiness, ask God what makes him happy.  Truly open your mind to see what it reveals.  If that moment brings you a little bit of love, peace and happiness, hold onto that happy thought.

Take that happy thought and go one step further.  When it comes to service, think of the things that make God happy and using that as a guideline, consider thinking of what will make others happy.  Do things for others that will truly make them happy (note that this has nothing to do with material things).

Spend time with the people you love.  I mean, really go outside and spend time with them.  Don’t bring your devices with you to distract you.  Disconnect from technology so you can relearn how to connect with each other.  Those are the moments both you and your loved ones are going to remember for the rest of your lives.

This is how you create happiness.  True happiness comes from a place of love.

In the Grand Scheme of Things

After my meditation, I found how easily my world changed around me.  I went to take the trash out and noticed a dog waiting outside of my door with his owner.  It was like he was waiting for me to come out.  I had never seen him before.  I know a lot of the dogs in the neighborhood.  This one, I did not know.

I put the trash on the curb, and the dog came over as if to say good morning.  I felt like this was the universe saying good morning in the happiest way possible.  The owner of the dog was just beaming.

On the way to the train, I noticed an old man sitting in a potted plant doing his #2 business.  I had never seen anyone do that before.  He waved at me as I was passing by and said, “Good morning!” in a very cheery tone.  I didn’t know what to say, so I said good morning back.

I got a block away before I realized…ok…you can’t help but laugh at something like that.

One moment after another was just one more moment of happiness to add to the list.

Embracing God’s happiness and keeping the thoughts of what makes him happy does bring happiness into your own life in incredible ways.  It is like the universe conspires to bring happiness right to your door.

Just seeing that dog sitting in front of my door waiting for me to come out…that, to me, was the universe winking back at me.  That is the kind of life I like to live, one where the universe conspires to bring happiness into my life in all the little moments out there.