When the Universe Winks Back at You

That's just the universe winking back at you
Have you ever noticed when you are living your dreams, things start to work out more magically than they ever did before?  It is as if the universe is conspiring to help you along on your journey.  It brings circumstances and people to you that help you benefit in your endeavors.  They are all heavenly tools designed to help you along your journey in becoming your true self.

When you are living your dreams, you start to notice how your world is changing.  You are becoming the person you always dreamed you would be.

But be careful, because you’ll feel a lot of self-doubt along the way.  You’ll question yourself and if you’re doing the right thing.  In religion, we say that’s the devil talking to you, trying to stop you from becoming the person that God set out for you to become.  Don’t ever listen to the naysayers, the people that don’t believe in you, the dream killers, and that inner voice that seeks to sabotage you.  They have no place in your future.  To listen to them turns your dream into a nightmare.  It turns your dream into a fear.

Listen to your heart.  It is guiding you to become your own best self.   Don’t let the negative forces out there stop you from becoming your true self, because God knows, the negative forces will try to stop you.

It’s similar to the Temptation of Christ.  When the Devil tried to tempt Jesus, it was right before he set off to become God’s messenger that would commence a new global religion.  The Devil tried again and again and again to tempt Jesus.  It was by knocking the Devil to the curb that Jesus was able to focus on being true to himself.  It was only when he told the Devil to go away that the angels came down to help him.

You have to push away all of the negative things that try to prevent you from seeking out your dreams.  Once you’ve done that, everything is smooth sailing.  It’s like the universe conspires to help you achieve your dreams, but that is only after you have decided to walk away from all of the negative influences surrounding you that are trying to say that you can’t be the person you know inside of you is the person you are meant to become.

Your Biggest Obstacle

Your biggest obstacle will always be yourself.  We oftentimes have dreams of how we would like to live and then we tell ourselves that it can’t happen.  We thwart our own progress and opportunities.  We become afraid to become the person we want to become.

We create our own obstacles along the way.  Instead of waking up early to write the next great novel, we sleep in.  Instead of working out, we look for the first excuse we can find to get out of going to the gym.  When we diet, we create temptations that make us succumb to cheating and then that leads us to completely failing our diets.

We can become our own greatest enemy.  Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, focus on how you feel when you are making progress with your dream.  Dreams don’t just come true overnight.  It takes a lot of work, a lot of steps, a lot of misfires and a lot of setbacks.  If you keep watching what works and follow that direction, you’ll find things work out magically.  Everything becomes synchronistic.  It’s the universe winking back at you saying that you are on your way.

Focus on that “I’m Doing It” Happy Feeling

There is nothing more amazing than that feeling you get while you are working away at your dream.  You feel like you are accomplishing something magnificent when that feeling hits.  You are actually doing something about that dream.

When you feel that “I’m Doing It” happy feeling, keep going.  Remember every single time you step away from the dream to work on something else that you need to get right back to that happy feeling again.  Let that happy feeling be your drive to seeing your dream to fruition.

The dream is about the journey you take, not the end result.  Enjoy every single second of that dream.  Become involved in every single aspect that goes into your dream, even the small stuff, because when the big stuff happens, it will mean so much more to you, but you’ll also remember what little stuff went into creating the big stuff.  It’s the little stuff you’ll remember more.

Enjoy the Ride

The things you’ll love about following your dreams are the incredible moments that happen along the way.  That song playing the right tune at the right moment, you’ll remember that always.  That person you spent 10 minutes with that you’ll never see again, what they said in those moments will become a newfound direction.  That person you meet that’s already living their dreams, shares a bit of their passion in life with you…that’s the move that inspires you to keep going.

There are incredible things that happen when you are living your dream.  I’m living proof of that.  One thing and then the next and then the next happens and you’re standing there thinking, “What does all this mean?”  That’s just the universe winking at you, telling you…this is your life now…go forward and be prosperous.

Enjoy every moment of the ride.  It’s about the journey, not the end result.  The journey is what is so incredible.  The end result is just a moment, and the sign of a journey’s end.  You now have to go find another dream to live.  It’s the journey to get there that is the incredible dream.  After all, when we dream, it’s not the end result that makes the dream fantastic.  It’s the story of what led up to that moment that we remember.

Living our dreams is about deciding to live in the story that we have created for ourselves.  We become the author, the narrator, the actor and the director.  We become the story we want to live.  We stop letting everything else in the world dictate our story for us.  Our story we have written for ourselves becomes our own reality.

What is stopping you from living your dreams?  Go after them.  Live each and every single dream.  Don’t be afraid to live in the unknowing.  You know this is what you want, so go for it.  Never be afraid to be you.