On Writing and Following Your Path

Come as you are
For many years now, I’ve struggled with becoming the person I know that I am inside.  I’ve spent many years doing the little things to prepare myself for the big things in life.  I always felt like I was just biding my time.  For what?  I did not know.

My Moroccan friend, Driss, told me years ago that everything happening in my life is for a reason.  If I were to look outside the situation, my journey would look like a map.  There were markers showing one point to another to another.  That map was leading me somewhere…my path to my own destiny.


This past year, I made a lot of major changes and decisions.  If I was going to be honest with myself, I hated hockey. I’ve hated it since 2012.  The lockout and what the players did on Twitter sealed how I felt.  I tried after the lockout to fall back in love with the game again, but ended up hating it even more.

When I initially retired in 2012 from hockey writing, I really didn’t want to have anything more to do with it.  When my editor asked me back a year later, I decided to let go of the dream of having a family of my own (which is why I retired) and go back to the career.  I broke my own heart and told myself that the dream to have a family is no more.

Perhaps that heartbreak added to the hatred towards the sport and covering it.  A few months after returning to hockey, I found out I had a tumor in my parathyroid gland.  I spent the next two months preparing for the worst, like my doctor told me to do, making sure all of my affairs were in order for the ‘just in case’ I didn’t survive the surgery.

When I woke up in the recovery room, everything in my life had forever changed.  The story of my life prior to that surgery was done.  Who I was after the surgery…that was the person I had to discover.

For a lot of people, they have a before and an after in their life.  Usually some major traumatic event occurs and the person’s life changes forever.  They are no longer that person they were prior to that traumatic moment.  They’ve changed.

That was what happened to me post-op.  I struggled a lot that first year.  I struggled with memories.  I had to wait an entire year before all of my memories came back.  When they did come back, the emotions attached to them were no longer there.

The sisters of the Meditation Center told me that losing my memories was a good thing.  I’ve been carrying a lot of pain in my soul.  To no longer have that pain, why would I want to remember it?  It should be considered a blessing.  God had his reasons for wiping those memories clean.

As a writer, I needed to know what that pain was in order to write about it.

Moving In a New Direction


Last year, knowing I was very unhappy with continuing to be a hockey writer, I asked myself, “What do you love?”  The simple answer was books and movies.  So I decided to do that.  It started with a Film Festival.  Next, I attended the Book Expo conference for writers, bloggers, etc.  I attended another film festival.  I started getting invitations to movie premieres, talks, parties, etc.  It was like this world accepted me right from the start and welcomed me in.

My entire world changed.

Hockey season started up again and I just didn’t want to be there.  The reason I stayed was because sometimes you just don’t know who you are when you have become a certain identity.  People see you and know you as a hockey writer.  So what would happen if I were to change that?

I quit in March after the girl that had been helping me cover the Devils revealed that she had to deal with some misogynistic crap and someone tried to kiss her…and these people were members of the press.  After I read her account, I realized, you know…that really sickens me that this happened to her.

For years, I’ve had to listen to assholes say shit to me about being there.  Old guys would tell me I didn’t know anything about hockey.  I could be eating a carrot stick and they would stop and say something nasty about my weight.  I’m sure if I was model thin, they’d say I was trying to get a hockey player husband (and yes, I have heard many people accuse me of that over the years).

I was there to be a writer.  I was not there looking for a husband.  Sure, there were players that had crushes on me, but I was adamant about not being that stereotype that the only reason why women get into sports is because they are trying to get with the player.  I rejected every single player that showed an interest because I refused to be the person people wanted to accuse women in sports of.

The misogyny in sports is very real.  I just brushed it off and buried myself in my work.  But then I realized…wait…this is why I truly hate hockey.  These assholes have been saying shit to me for years and I act like it never bothered me, but the truth is that it always did.  To know this also happened to the other girl…oh, hell no.  I refused to be part of that culture anymore.

I was set to take over the spot at the New York Rangers, the team I wanted to cover since day one.  I decided that I didn’t want it anymore because those same jerks were over there, too.

Turning down covering the New York Rangers was a tough decision to make.  The Rangers have always been incredible to me.  The last time they went to Europe to play a few exhibition games, they invited me along (even though I was the NJ Devils beat reporter).  I was the only US based reporter that went along with them and the NHL.  The Rangers were also the only team to reach out after I released why I was leaving hockey.  I will always love the NY Rangers.  They were nothing but good to me.

I did feel like I was letting female hockey fans down.  You can try to fight the good fight and represent women in a culture dominated by men, but are you really fighting for anything if you just stand there and let the harassment happen game after game after game?  What are you actually accomplishing by saying nothing and remaining?

Leaving hockey was the best thing I could do for myself.  I wasn’t passionate about hockey anymore.  When you’re not passionate about something anymore, you really shouldn’t be doing it.

A New Beginning

When I quit, people asked me what I was going to do now, thinking that this was the end.  No.  It was a new beginning for me that had been unfolding for over a year.

When I met fashion designer Malan Breton at the NYCIFF, he told me that he used to be a sports commentator.  I was in shock.  This man who creates masterpieces was a former sports commentator, model, actor, journalist and so much more.  He made me realize that we should do everything we dream of doing.  One day, as we’re going along our path, we’ll finally find our true calling.

Looking at my map of life and comparing it to his, I could see that our lives were quite similar.  We tried on so many hats, just looking for the right fit that would define us.  He helped me open up my eyes to see that this was only the beginning of my journey.

After I quit hockey, authors started contacting me to review their books, willing to do interviews.  Before that, I had to seek them out.  I had to talk to publishers, meet with the authors, just to get the interviews.  I don’t have to do that anymore.  They are contacting me directly now.

I got more and more invites to movie premieres, special engagements (like the 25th anniversary of “Silence of the Lambs” with the cast and crew in attendance), invitations to fashion events, art events, etc.  I kept getting free stuff from vendors in hopes that I would review them.

Leaving hockey opened up that world completely for me.  People were always conflicted about approaching me about their stuff because I was doing hockey, which is not what they were doing.  After leaving hockey, they felt more comfortable approaching me.  Trust me when I say, leaving hockey was the best thing I ever did for myself.  It was a wall that was preventing me from accessing the world that was more like me.

All of this leads to my present

That person I’ve been afraid to let out, well she is currently out.  As in, I stopped ‘preparing’ myself to be a novelist.  This last year, I met a lot of publishers from various publishing houses.  At year end, two had approached me to ask if I had a novel to turn into them.  I didn’t.

For some reason, I had this fear of becoming that person I wanted to be (like most people).  I was always preparing, writing for other sites and my own blogs.  I was writing what I thought people wanted, not what I wanted.  What I truly wanted was to take these book ideas inside my head and actually commit to writing the entire story down.

It is time for me to switch to writing books.

Last year, Kim Thùy told me that I should be the one writing books, not her.  She loved my writing.  That said a lot to me because I think her work is a complete masterpiece and beautifully done.  When someone whose work I love tells me this, you would think I should follow through, right?

It takes a dream arriving at the right moment to make me realize now is the time.  A couple of weeks ago, I had this dream that was so intense, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The story it told was just so incredible.  The elements in the story were so intense with emotion, I realized I had to write this story.

I sat down and started writing down my notes in a notebook, transcribing the dream.  18 pages later and on my third gel pen, I had only told the beginning of the story.  I hadn’t even reached the part where the bad guy is introduced.

As I wrote down my notes, my playlist would start playing songs that related to exactly what I was writing in that very moment.  It happened again and again and again.  You know what that is?  That’s the universe telling you that you are on your path.  You are doing exactly what you should be doing.  You are on your way to your destiny.

As I got lost in this dream, I started to see that map of my life Driss was telling me about.  What happened in this dream included a person I’ve been dreaming a lot about these past three years.  I never understood why.  Each time I had an intense dream that pertained to the story of my life (i.e. the dreams I remembered), this person was in it.  I had no clue why he was in it, but he was in it.  I just thought he represented someone else, because the story is similar to the story between me and another person.

When I stepped away from writing down my notes for the day, I started thinking about how weird everything was falling into place.  Then I realized the main character in this book…his presence in my life goes back to the late-1990s.  He’s the reason why I got into hockey.  He’s the reason why I wanted to see the New York Rangers play.  I was like…this is so bizarre.  Then I looked at that map of my life with this new element and had to smack myself in the head.  I was reading the map all wrong.  I’d been reading it wrong for years.

I was biding my time and I had no idea why.  Well, everything is now understood.  I now understand the map of my life.  I was becoming the person I was meant to become…a novelist.  By starting the work on the book, making myself live in each and every single moment I am discussing, telling myself that ‘you must write for yourself,’ my whole universe has shifted in the most incredible way.

When I got the invitation to see David Duchovny, I didn’t RSVP.  But then they emailed me again and I finally relented.  I’m glad I did.  He wasn’t there to talk about acting.  He was there to talk about writing.  He inspired me to become the narrator of my story and not let anyone else tell my story.  I have to remind myself to write for myself.  I look at these words before I write:


This is my writing mantra.  It helps me to understand that when I tell this story, I have to do this my way.  I have to fully be present.

Come as You Are

COME AS YOU ARE.  That is what I tell myself.  That is what it means to be present in the process of writing.  You are giving a piece of yourself, so you need to be brutally honest with yourself as you write.


“Come as You Are” is also a very spiritual song for me.  When I was struggling with meditation, this song came on and I realized this was God’s way of saying just come as you are.  Sometimes I strive to be the person I used to be and get frustrated that I’m not her anymore.  That frustration was making it so difficult for me to meditate.  “Come as You Are” made me realize that God already knows my struggle and doesn’t care.  I should just show up and be present with him, no matter what state I’m in.  I’ll get to where I need to be eventually.

I’ve come to realize that the dream I had a couple of years ago about walking away from someone I loved dearly and watching his heart break was a foreshadowing of my future.  God was telling him to let me be.  I’d come around when I was ready.  There was something I was going through and I had to go through it alone.

My struggles with meditation are about those inner struggles that redefined me after the surgery.  The heartaches I was carrying in my soul needed to be dealt with and the surgery triggered that need to wipe the slate clean before it is too late.  Letting go of the frustration helped me to understand that I’ve changed.  I have to accept that I’m not going to be that perfect soul anymore.  I am broken.

Writing for Yourself

‘Write for yourself and no one else’ is about making sure that I’m the only person involved in this writing process.  In this day and age of trying to do quick, mass sells in the marketplace, we oftentimes get so involved with trying to figure out what other people want to read, we lose our own authenticity.  We lose sight of writing something brilliant…something that will withstand the test of time.

The reason why Anne Rice became so popular was because in 1976, she wrote a book that had never been done before.  She wrote the classic “Interview With the Vampire.”  She is and continues to be one of the most prolific writers because she is very much a part of each of her stories.

Her stories involve something that happened in her life at that very moment.  The struggles she’s going through, the pain as she works through each loss, sickness, etc., her books are a reflection of how she was living at that time.  As a result of being true to her very being, she is one of the most celebrated bestselling authors of our time.  Every book she has written has been at the top of the bestsellers list.

These days, I oftentimes see her ask what people want.  That’s the problem with social media. People get wound up in trying to figure out what their audience wants instead of just doing what they want to do.  We all get messed up in wanting to be accepted by others, so we try to give people what they want instead of just creating what we want to create and sharing it with the world.

This novel I’m working on is about my life post-op.  It’s about a man who has lost his wife he loved dearly, and then gets her back for a moment.  It’s about a woman running away from the abuse, because she is dying.  It’s about death and how he takes pity on her and gives her a second chance.  He gives her borrowed time.  It’s about helping people learn to let go of the person they love more than life itself.

I think, in a way, this book is for someone.  It’s to help him let go.  I don’t know if you’ve ever watched someone’s heart break because they know you no longer love them.  I watched that happen and there was nothing I could do about it.  Those memories of how I felt about him did not return after the surgery.  They never did.

I think this book is my way of saying “I’m sorry I hurt you.”  The true elements to what happened in the real story are hidden in this story in such a way that it is supposed to help him let me go.

This is not the first book I wanted to write, but something tells me that it is needed now, not later.  The other two can wait.

Diving into this novel, I realized that a screenplay I’ve been going over in my head (I’m up to season 4 in my head, need to get to a season 7) is starting to become more realistic to me.  Last summer, I headed into HBO Studios for a seminar they were hosting. I literally had no idea how any of this TV business stuff worked, especially for writers.

I had accepted the invitation to attend the screenwriter’s seminar, because I actually wanted to start writing for Hannibal.  Imagine my surprise when it was the NBC Executive in charge of Hannibal that was giving the seminar.  Synchronistic?

I got from that seminar that Hannibal was about to be canceled.  It didn’t surprise me after seeing the first 3 episodes (it got too artsy, I couldn’t hear or see anything…it was driving me nuts).  But the thing is, there is hope for Hannibal’s return in a few years, but not to NBC.  That means they’ll need writers in the future.

Also synchronistic was getting the invitation to attend the 25th Anniversary of “Silence of the Lambs.”  Jodie Foster spoke about why she wanted to do this film and it totally changed the way I viewed the movie.  I ended up sitting behind Howard Shore, the composer for the film. I almost fan girled right there in my seat.  He’s written the music for almost every major film.  Most recently he wrote the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit trilogies.  I’ve been listening to his works since I was a kid and now he’s sitting directly in front of me to watch “Silence of the Lambs?”  I swear to you, my universe is very synchronistic.

My connection with the film industry over this last year has landed a lot of crazy opportunities.  The whole point in these opportunities is to learn, because this is a whole new territory to me beyond just watching a film.  I’m learning about the ins and outs to the film industry, especially as a writer.  I’ve met directors, actors and screenwriters this past year.  The funny thing is we are inspiring each other to do great things.  That’s what is so amazing about living your dream. You surround yourself with people that are living their dreams, too.  They become your support group.  You help each other reach each other’s dreams by supporting each other in our own endeavors.  A lot of times it’s just adding whatever your talent is to the mix and being a soundboard of support.

There is something to that energy of creative types getting together.  We feed off of each other’s energy.

In Closing

When I decided to write my novel and complete it when the publishing houses make their rounds at year end, I started down a whole new path to realizing I was making my dream come true.  When you’re on your path in life, you start to see things magically falling into place, as if to confirm to you that you are on the right path.

It’s like the birds are singing just for you.  That is what it means to be living your dream that was designed for no one else in this world, but you.

The opportunities that have arisen over this last year for me was all part of the universe opening the doors for me to see that following movies and books was the direction I was always supposed to follow.  Getting my name out there and writing about hockey for a few years was what helped me get my foot in the door when I began meeting with publishers last year.  I kept telling myself that writing about hockey was helping me to become a better writer so that one day, when I was ready to sell the novel, it would make me legitimate and not some no name writer no one has ever heard of.

No one is interested in what I wrote for hockey, but knowing I was a member of the credentialed media, it legitimizes the fact that I am a writer.  That means that the publishing houses and their agents are willing to talk to me.  I’ve seen people with novels in hand going from one publisher to the next to be rejected because they didn’t know who they were.

If a publishing house is going to take a gamble on you, they need to like you right from the start.  If you’re a no name who hasn’t put yourself out there to legitimize yourself as a writer, you’ll receive a lot of slammed doors in your face.

One thing I’ve realized as I’ve met writers over the years, they know when they are in the presence of another writer.  They can just tell.

When I met Brad Meltzer last year, he looked at me and asked if he knew me.  I responded that I didn’t think so.  He replied that he knows me from somewhere but can’t put his finger on it.  I just shrugged my shoulders.  I had a feeling that maybe he was right.  Maybe we did know each other somehow, but couldn’t put our finger on it.

I met Kim Thùy.  She signed her book and then gave me her personal email to do an interview for this site.  I was so surprised she was willing to do that for me.  Our correspondence with each other during the interview surprised me.  What I learned from her is to try and learn to write with fewer words.  There’s always a way to say what you mean in more eloquent ways.

When I met Amy Tan when I first moved to NYC, I asked her about her rock band and if they would be playing anytime soon.  She looked at me and said that when I finish my first novel to bring it by and they would help me make it better.  I was like…WHAT?  “They” being Amy Tan, Stephen King and Scott Turow.  Those three are in a rock band together with a few other major American authors (like Dave Barry, Mitch Albom, etc.).

The irony in this is that I wasn’t even a writer yet.  At that point in my life, it was just some far off dream.  It was the person I wanted to be when I grew up, but I was nowhere close to making that dream come true.

She looked at me like she knew for sure I was a writer and re-emphasized that they would help me make my work better and give me helpful insight to get my work published for the masses.  This meant a lot to me because Amy Tan is one of my favorite authors.  The fact that she could see right into my very soul and see that I was a writer, that meant something incredible at the time.  She was the person that awakened that sleeping writer within.  I became a writer after that moment.

Now, it’s time to become the novelist.  I don’t want to write other people’s stories all of the time (sometimes, but not all of the time).  I need to write my own story, because truthfully, the things that have happened in my life that have helped define me are the stories I want to share.

This site was always about sharing the stories of people making their dreams come true in an effort to inspire others to live their own dreams.  I just haven’t been sharing mine with everyone.  Now, I am.