Oscar Watch: “Family on Board” Given Oscar Consideration

(Courtesy of George Pogatsia, Director, Writer and Star of “Family On Board”)

Gino Cafarelli and George Pogatsia of "Family on Board."
Gino Cafarelli and George Pogatsia of “Family on Board.”

The big news coming out of the New York City International Film Festival (“NYCIFF”) is that “Family on Board” and “Malan Breton: A Journey to Taiwan” were submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a 2016 Oscar consideration.

“Family on Board” won in every category the short film was nominated in.  It picked up three NYCIFF awards for Best Narrative Short Film USA, Best Director in a Narrative Short, and Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Short Narrative Film.

Here is the official press release…
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You can read more about the short film Here and Here.

Congratulations to everyone that was a part of “Family on Board.”  If you get an opportunity to see it, it is a must see.  This short is the type of production that sticks with you long after you have seen it.  You will constantly be wondering about the fate of Mike Petito.  It will leave you with questions on whether a hero trying to save someone deserves to be thrown in prison.  It will also teach you a life lesson about staying true to yourself no matter what the circumstances are.

Kudos to George Pogatsia.  He created a masterpiece which (hopefully) is the beginning of a much bigger masterpiece down the line.

We’ll keep you updated on the film’s journey to Oscar night.