Subscription Box: Try The World

There are a lot of subscription box services out there lately, but nothing that is as close to representing the foodie side of “Perfectionist Wannabe” as the Try The World box service.

I got my first box a couple of weeks ago and I have to say…I am beyond impressed with what you get for $39.

My first curated box had a “Venice” theme.  Included in it were a lot of food items representing the region…and food items that any Italian foodie should already have stocked in their pantry.  But then again, some of this stuff is hard to find unless you get it directly from an Italian food market.

I loved everything about this box, especially the Dark Chocolate Limoncello.  I try to eat dark chocolate for health reasons, but it’s always too bitter and not a pleasant experience.  This Perugina chocolate bar was just right and delightful.

The black truffles and mushrooms were a surprise.  I had ordered the Oeuf Mimosa (truffle and caviar deviled eggs) at Todd English’s Ca Va Brasserie in NYC a couple of weeks ago.  It had a very distinguished taste to it.  Opening up this can of truffles and I found the main ingredient to the Oeuf Mimosa.

I tried this in some couscous to add a little flavor.  Just a little bit can go a very long way.

The Spaghettata mixture of herbs was a delight.  I warmed it up in some oil, added some bell peppers, sweet bell peppers and sun-dried tomatoes (that I picked up in Venice) then tossed in some spaghetti and parmesan cheese for a satisfying meal during the Super Bowl.

The sweet onion pesto included in the box, I put on top of tilapia.  It was so simple and, oh so delicious.

What I like about this box is that it allows you to try out new ingredients from different areas of the world.  It’s also not too expensive and you get qualitative ingredients to experiment with.  Each box comes with a few recipes to try and an informational background on the region.

The box is delivered every two months for $39.  If you’re interested in joining, you can get $15 off of your first box by clicking HERE.  {If you pre-pay, it’s cheaper.}

I’m looking forward to seeing what my next box has in store.

Have you tried “Try the World?”  If so, what did you think?