Walking Down the Supernatural Lane

As the days of October wind down to the big finale (HALLOWEEN!), many throughout America celebrate the season all month long.  Each of us recognizes the holiday in various ways.  Some throw parties, others get dressed up and take their kids out trick or treating, while others take in as many scary flicks as they can.

dracula untold2For me, I like to take in the classics…like Dracula.  This month, Dracula: Untold featuring Luke Evans hit the big screen.  It was definitely well worth seeing more than once this month.  While it’s not scary at all, the special effects watching Vlad turn into a whirlwind of bats and then back into himself was spectacular.

While the guy next to me was freaking out every time they showed silver (Did he think he was a vampire or something?), it had some of its unbelievable comical points…that is, if you’re watching the movie with someone that laughs at that stuff.  I’m a serious person, so I take things very seriously.  But when I realized that some of the stuff was actually comical because of its predictability, I actually wanted to punch the guy next to me for laughing.  In other words, don’t laugh at Luke Evans when he’s not in a comedy.  It’s ruining the film for me.

For those who enjoy American Horror Story, I’ve been watching each of the seasons in its entirety on DVD.  I can’t decide which is my favorite, but Asylum is the only one that really scared me and left a lasting impression.

The only movies that really scared the hell out of me was Evil Dead and House of a 1000 Corpses.  Some of you may be chuckling over the former.  I was watching the movie alone and had no idea it was supposed to be comical.  All I know is that it scared the hell out of me.  I have yet to watch it a second time.  The later movies that branched from Evil Dead were comical from the get go.

Speaking of Evil Dead…how about Evil Dead: The Musical?  Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon that, but it’s showing in Cleveland, Ohio, which ironically is where Ebola case #3 cropped up.

As for Rob Zombie’s first movie, in the words of the woman who was on the other side of the theater when the credits started rolling, “That was fucked up.”  I remember sitting there in complete and utter shock, unable to move from my seat.  The only thing that brought me out of that freaked out trance was that woman yelling at the screen.

I had nightmares for the next three months after watching that movie.  I had to have cartoons on all night just so I could dream in cartoons instead of dreaming in Rob Zombie’s fucked up world.

The reason why this movie traumatized me…and traumatized is the correct word here…it was because in college, my boyfriend at the time was taking a serial killers class.  I read his text book while I sat in his office (he was a police officer).  Every single case of serial killers were put together in one movie…Rob Zombie’s movie.  It’s one thing to read about these cases, quite another to see it flashed before your very eyes and you know these things really did happen.

Everything from the lampshades being made out of human flesh to sex with corpses…it was in that book.  I felt like Zombie had read the same text book and decided to put every single case of serial killers into this one movie.

Thank God for The Devils Rejects.  I almost didn’t watch the film, but after I saw it, it brought closure to House of a 1000 Corpses and allowed me to sleep peacefully at night.

While there are movies that have scared me to death over the years, there are also the movies I watch every single year because you need to embrace the kid inside of you.  I’ve been watching the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Hocus Pocus every year since I was a teen.  They’re not scary at all.  They’re scary stories geared towards children.


These days, Sleepy Hollow is just a short train ride away for me.  What’s great about this old town is that they celebrate their history made famous by Washington Irving [see previous link].  This month, they are offering so many different ‘scary’ things to do as tourists go down the historical supernatural Sleepy Hollow lane.  If you really like the Fox TV show (like I do), this would be a great day or weekender trip this month (or next October).  They cater to children ages on up to adults.  I’m considering heading over next Saturday to partake in their festivities.

Like Hocus Pocus, catering to the stories that make Halloween what it is today, The Book of Life is a great way to get kids to learn about different cultures and how they celebrate the dead.  That movie comes out tomorrow (October 17, 2014).  If you’re in NYC, you can see it tonight.

What I love about October beyond the weather officially turning into fall weather, being able to wear sweaters again, apple picking and pumpkin carving, the leaves starting to change its colors as some of the most colorful and magnificent sunsets appear on the Western horizon in NYC, this is the month you can dive into culture and have fun with it.  I’m talking about that demonic, scary, supernatural, witchey culture that religions told us to stay away from.

But here in America, those stories of witches and ghosts are a part of our history.  Old towns like Salem, Massachusetts and Sleepy Hollow, NY (formerly Tarrytown, NY) keep the tradition going.  It’s not just about folk tales; it’s also about our history.

So take some time to dive into some culture and learn about our scary history.  It will leave you in wonder.

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