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My friend, Winter Adams (from The Pink Puck), told me a while back that I should start sharing what bag I’m carrying.  I started to do so on another site, but I didn’t like the platform of the site (it was always messing up the content).  I thought I’d start to share the bag of the day/week on this site as a contribution to the fashion content {keep in mind, this site is more than just fashion}.

There’s a little story behind why I even own this Furla bag.  Last year, while I was undergoing tests to determine if I did have a tumor or not, I was getting a sonogram on my neck when the technician freaked out and went running to get the doctor.  I was stressed out as was, so all she was doing was confirming she saw the tumor in my neck.  1.5 cms.  That’s how big it was.  It was in a gland that is practically invisible, but she was able to see it.

She came back into the exam room after running out to get a doctor to ask, “Why are you here again?”  I responded, “For hyperparathyroidism.”  She responded, “Oh.”  Then she left the room.  I sat up and was getting ready to lecture her.  You’re the technician, not the doctor.  You have no right to be acting this way, freaking me the fuck out.  Your job is to do the sonogram.  You send the results to my doctor and she will talk to me about the scan.

But the damage was already done. I was freaked out at the reality that I did have a tumor.  So I did what any sane person would do…I went stress shopping…at Saks Fifth Avenue.   Ok, so the Saks part was probably the insane part.  This shopping spree cost me $1500.  To this day, I have no regrets doing what I did that day, because she really freaked me the fuck out.

I wasn’t planning on buying a bag.  I usually do not buy Furla, but I was walking by and saw this bag.


I just happened to have seen this bag in black with a purple pony hair at the exact same time as this Muslim woman saw it.  She came running over the same time I was reaching out for the bag.  She literally grabbed it from my hands.  She asked me how much it was.  I started looking for the tag.  It was around $800.  A sales lady came over and I told her we both wanted the bag.  Usually, at Saks, what’s out is the display.  They have the bags for sale in the back.

The sales lady came back and said that was the last one.  There was another one on a mannequin, so I removed it.  The Muslim lady bought one. Me, I liked this one just as much as the purple pony hair.  I kept asking myself, “What do I have to wear with the purple?”  The answer was NOTHING.  I went with the neutral colors because it goes with practically everything.

This bag by Furla is made exclusively for Saks.  You can find them HERE.  Unfortunately, the bag I have is last year’s colors.  I was a little shocked to see the bag was discounted down to $318 at some point (I wish I had known, I would have bought another one in a different color).

I have also been talking a lot with friends about hi/lo outfits.  The Furla is the hi-end to my outfit.  Here’s another part of my wardrobe this week…


I’ve been wanting the Michael Kors Astor Buckle bangle ($95) for some time now.  I actually remembered to buy it last week while I was shopping at Bloomingdale’s.  I’ve been coupling it with my new favorite find from Torrid…the beaded spike stretch bracelet ($16.50).  The hi-end is obviously the Gucci G watch ($790). {A birthday present to myself last year.}

As for the rest of this outfit for this day, I was trying a new look…the soft pant.  I’ve been pinning the different looks out there for people wearing soft pants, but there aren’t too many and I just didn’t like the looks people were putting together, so I put something else together.

I picked up the Jennifer Lopez soft pants from Kohl’s ($15), paired them with a Calvin Klein top (in Celestial) ($55.60 after 20% off code) and a linen J Crew sweater in navy (currently $37.49 after using their 25% off code) and a pair of silver ballet flats from Just Fab.  Overall look?  I got a lot of compliments on it because it’s new, fresh and different.  

For those in the plus size range, you can get the Calvin Klein top and soft pants in plus sizes.  J Crew goes up to a size 20 these days.  For the petite ladies, same goes for you…sizes go all the way to XXS at J Crew.

This month was a ‘use what you have’ month, but it also coincided with the shopping for a new fall wardrobe (which happens every August).  I’m just happy I cleaned out my closets and donated items before I started shopping.  The Furla was something I had around.  The 2 bracelets, sweater and pants were new.  I owned the watch already and the Calvin Klein top.

{For the ladies in NYC, you can get the Calvin Klein top at Bolton’s for half the price Macy’s wants for it.  They also have more color options.}

The thing about hi-end/lo-end looks is that it allows you to spend more on the qualitative and classic pieces you’ll have for years to come, while mixing it with the lo-end fad pieces you’re trying out as a new look that won’t be around too long.  Never spend a lot of money for fad items.  Spend the money on the qualitative and classic, spend as little as you can on looks that will be out of style in a year or two.

Total cost of hi end/lo end look = $1,844.54.


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