When You Just Don’t Feel Like Italian Tonight

After eating Italian leftovers galore, I decided to do something a little different this weekend.  I took the Italian ingredients I had on hand and made something ASIAN.  How is that possible?

When my Thai aunt married an Italian, she became pretty masterful at cooking Italian food because it wasn’t that different from Thai food.  I never understood what she was talking about, but then after looking at this recipe, I realized it has a little something to do with substituting ingredients with Italian ingredients and coming out with the same result.

Weekend Meals (made plenty, ate it at every meal because it was so damn good): Spicy Sriracha Lo Mein

asianI’m not gonna lie. This was so damn good that I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it was all gone.  I found this recipe on Pinterest from Baker By Nature for 20-Minute Spicy Sriracha Shrimp and Zucchini Lo Mein.  The good thing about this is that you don’t have to have rice noodles to make this.  I used regular linguine and tagliatelle noodles for the noodles.  It turned out just fine.

What’s also nice about this recipe is that you can a) substitute the meat (beef, chicken, pork) for the shrimp if you don’t have it, and b) use any kind of vegetable.

For this recipe I used chicken, kale (because God knows I never know what to do with kale), green peppers and mushrooms I had picked up at the farmer’s market the week before and needed to use.

The end result…I cannot stress how amazing this was.  This wasn’t very spicy and it really did taste like lo mein.  I’m so glad I found this recipe because now I can make lo mein at home and not order from the Chinese restaurant when I get a craving.  Using regular semolina noodles (linguine and tagliatelle) provided for a great substitute.  I was able to use the ingredients I had on hand without running to the grocery store to pick up anything.

More importantly…I found another use for kale.

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