Photos of Bologna, Italy

Getting to review photos at home while I’m in the midst of a redecorating/renovation project is completely non-existent!  I dug around my other blog for some photos I may have posted because I had some sort of vague recollection of posting a few photos from Bologna, Italy that I had already worked on.

Surprise!  I did have a montage of pictures.  Here they are:

If I can remember correctly, I had the tortellini in brodo (tortellini in broth) and the lasagna verte e bolognese ragu (green lasagna with bolognese sauce).  These two dishes both originated in Bologna, Italy.

I also found a copy of Il Paradiso by Dante printed in 1900 while I was in Bologna.  It was a very special find.  Dante wrote the Divine Comedy in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy (Florence, Bologna, etc.).

You can read more about my adventure in Bologna (which actually did not start off on a positive note…something about falling off a train and getting hit by it…not fun at all) HERE.  I don’t remember much of Bologna, just bits and pieces.  It’s good to look at these pictures, because it refreshes my memory (something I’ve been struggling with since my surgery last October).  I couldn’t remember where I saw a huge theater screen in the middle of a plaza when I was in Italy.  I just remembered the screen was by King Neptune.  Ends up…that was Bologna.  You’ll see pictures of King Neptune in the photo montage.

I wanted to go back there one summer and watch a classic Italian film in the plaza.  I think that experience would be absolutely magical.  I think next year I’ll take a trip out to revisit a few of my favorite spots in Northern Italy.

I see a few shots from that group I may end up blowing up to mount on my gallery wall.  A few of the ‘enraptured’ and the dark visage of King Neptune (the first shot I took of him when I found him in the plaza)…those would look perfect!

Re-reading the post on the visit to Bologna, I remember now how the city erupted when Italy won a futbol match.  I was in the hotel when the entire city of Bologna cheered.  It was so loud!  It was like I was in the stadium surrounded by cheering fans.  That’s how loud Bologna got that night when Italy won.  Gotta say…that moment was just a tad bit amazing. 😉

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