It’s no secret that the main reason why I retired from hockey writing has to do with something called wanting to start a family.  I’m 36 years old and it’s time to start placing myself in that direction.  Since I returned from Italy, I’ve done so many things that are different than what a single, successful woman that makes too much money should do with her life.

When I got back from Italy, I started doing something that broke one of my codes of conduct.  I got a credit card.  Alright…maybe I got a few credit cards.

I was watching Young, Fabulous and Broke before I left for Italy.  Suze Orman talked about credit and how all credit cards combined equals your available credit.  It’s not based on one card to the next…it’s based on your combined credit.  If you have $20,000 between all cards, and you use less than 30% of it, that’s a gauge for banks to see if you use credit properly and what kind of loan (as well as interest rate) they will give to you when you apply for a…HOME LOAN. 

Jeepers.  I said HOME LOAN.  That means I’m setting my life up to purchase my first home.

I always told myself that I would get a home when I bought a car.  For some strange reason, I got the GM Card so that I could start saving 5% towards a new car.  Eek…I must be insane.

That wasn’t certifiably insane yet…it just made sense.  But when I applied for The Home Depot card, it officially became the “This is Your New Life” decision.  I really am doing this. 

Well…I’m not done yet. 

I bought a sewing machine, my first vacuum cleaner and a new wardrobe unit.  At Home Depot, I ordered paint and other things to create new DIY projects.

The sewing machine, in and of itself, is a little shocking.  Sure, I took a Home Ec class back in high school…I’m not sure how I plan on remembering how to do this stuff, but it would be a cheaper way to a) recycle clothing items I loved, but for some reason can’t wear them anymore (i.e. stains, too big, or I just don’t like to wear it, etc.), b) I can turn the items into pillows and quilts so I can change the look of my home easily without spending $100+ for new pillows every single time (even more if I have to buy new slipcovers).

I started looking up DIY quilting on Pinterest.  My mom used to quilt.  It always looked simple.  One of the blankets I keep is actually one I’ve had since I was 8 years old.  Unlike my brother, I’ve taken very good care of that blanket.  My mom has tried to steal it back from me over the years because it’s in great shape and also the warmest and softest blanket EVER. 

Most adults that keep their childhood blankets actually have a blanket in shambles.  Mine…perfect condition.  Even the cat loves to sleep on it (and under it) in the winter months.  It’s just that soft and warm.

So why go out and buy new blankets when some of the best blankets that children will love for the rest of their lives are the ones that a loved one makes themselves? 

Not to be all colonial…but this modern girl found a few patterns that would make a quilt a little more up to date in our day and age.  Here are a few ‘new’ ways to quilt:

{You can find tutorials and lots of inspiration like those seen in the above pics from Piece N Quilt.}

As for another project in the making…I saw this picture and knew instantly that this is something that can easily be made…

A vintage chair like the one above is easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores.  In order to get the color…I’ve already done a post on how to create a new chair just by using furniture paint.  As for the pillow…it’s much easier than you can imagine.  All it takes is a printer printing out a similar pattern and then putting it onto iron-on transfer paper (there are also DIY involving wax paper projects).  Sew the pillow together and voila…you have your own Paris pillow at a fraction of what it would cost to buy it in a store (saves time too because you would have to search everywhere for it…GOOD LUCK!).

There are so many things that a sewing machine can create for the home…not to mention all of the NHL t-shirts being turned into tote bags.  Hell, with my passion for bags, I may start making my own.

As a person that is looking into buying their first home…a sewing machine can save so much money on home decor.

As for the new vacuum…I actually got a special vacuum called a pet vacuum.  For pet owners…this is a must have investment.  I tested this product last night and it’s a pretty powerful device.  With just one once over on the furniture, it picked up ALL OF THE HAIR!  With most hand vacs, you’re lucky to get all of the hair up after standing over the same spot for 5 minutes.  In one sweep, you pick up all of the hair with this pet vac.

My cat has super fine hair (not like regular cats) so it’s hard to pick up the hair.  A pet vacuum answers all of those issues.  Gotta say…I felt so grown up after I bought my first vacuum…and I’m 36. 

As far as my bedroom makeover…I bought a new wardrobe unit to house all of my accessories. 

From Home Decorators Collection.

I didn’t get this exact unit, but I bought two of the drawers and two with the doors.  I decided to lay them out side by side (instead of standing them on top of each other like in the photo).  That way I can put my TV on top of it, as well as books and other decorative pieces (like the new new white buddha head I picked up at Daffy’s). 

The clutter that is my jewelry that’s currently on top of my dresser will stay in their decorative bowls but will be hidden away in the drawers to eliminate all of the clutter.  Clutches, scarves, and flat tote bags will all go into the drawers.  The bulkier bags will go behind the doors (thus eliminating all of the clutter and making effective storage for my entire collection). 

I even picked up a little bench with storage underneath to put in the corner.  I’m sure the cat will take it over. 

As for that pink chair?  I plan on scouring the local yard sales for one to put in as a finishing touch to the bedroom makeover.  It just seems absolutely perfect for me and would be worth the adventure in finding, painting and creating the new pillow.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and stumble upon one being thrown out as TRASH.  It happens.

One of the reasons why I bought the paint?  I am going to be updating my dresser to match the new white furniture (this is the first time I’ll be changing everything to match each other).  I saw this chest at Home Decorator’s that I loved:

It reminded me of the TV show Once Upon a Time.  I love the Evil Queen’s decor in her office, especially the walls which look like a forest.

Personally, I love the whole ‘birds’ on tree limbs look.  I’ll be creating a similar look that’s a cross between the chest above and Regina’s office.

And yes…there is a stencil I can make to create this look and spray paint it onto the dresser.

I haven’t decided if I’ll be painting the knobs on the dresser or picking up some new ones at Anthropologie.  We’ll see as the project goes forward. 

Even though I’m updating pieces in my apartment, I’m keeping in mind the look I want to go into my new home.  Over the course of the next year, I’ll be buying a new car and a new home as I move forward in life.  This, in itself, is an adventure.  Scary, fun and exciting…that’s the way all journeys feel.

Next search on Pinterest…how to crochet and knit (something to do in the winter months).

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