Feeling Green

I’m a little in love with the latest green in fashion.  I loved it so much, I actually ordered a couple of items from ASOS last week and absolutely fell in love with them.  Check out what I bought…

Ming Green Vila Linen Blend Belted Dress, $16.57.

Jade London Rebel Classic Pointed Toe Ballerina, $33.14

I also picked up a bag to go with this ensemble (that I wear with black pants).  It’s a super cute tote for only $16.57.

Pieces Noella Shopper.

I like the yellow and purple with the neutral tone.  It goes perfectly with the ensemble so I don’t come across as wearing too much green. 

I paired this look with a green lace bangle I picked up at Mango in Milan, Italy for about $5 and this bauble from Bauble Bar:

Currently only comes in turquoise, $38.

My total purchase for ASOS came to $66.28.  Not bad for a dress, shoes and tote.  My favorite of the buy?  I love them all. 

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