This Week’s New Baubles

I am in love with these two new pieces of arm candy I picked up from JewelMint.

I had a couple of credits just sitting there, so I decided to just splurge and order something. 

The Mumbai Bracelet (in the silver) is always sold out.  It’s one of their more popular pieces.  I’ve been wanting this bracelet for a long time now, so I was lucky to log on and see that it happened to be back in stock. 

The bronze cuff is called the Gold Swan Cuff.  I think I got it more for the name…which makes me love it even more. 

For those new to the whole Jewel Mint world, JM is curated by the lovely actress, Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter.  It’s a members only site, where you can order pieces from the collection for $29.99 each (aka a monthly membership service).  You can always choose to skip a month. 

I’ve slowly been getting into JM, because I’m so used to the quality from BaubleBar, and it seems like JM is starting to become a little more qualitative, almost the same caliber as BB. 

What I love the most about the Mumbai Bracelet…this is part of JM’s ‘Celebrities Give Back’ campaign.  The proceeds from the sale of the Mumbai Bracelet goes to benefit actress Emmanuelle Chriqui’s charity of choice.  [She’s wearing the Mumbai Bracelets in the picture.]

Emmanuelle chose RAISE Hope for Congo, a charity she’s been working with for years which “raises awareness and helps protect Congolese women and girls against the sexual violence in the conflicted region of the eastern Congo.”

So in a way, this is a ‘feel good’ kind of purchase. 

I’ve always liked the collection from the ‘Celebrities Give Back’ closet.  You’ll find several beautiful pieces from the charitable giving collection that you can order [when in stock] which will help benefit others around the world.

That’s probably the best thing about Jewel Mint…the charitable giving collection.  Take a look around.  Who knows, you may find a few pieces you’ll love.


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