Channeling Monica Bellucci

One of my favorite movie stars/models is the Italian siren Monica Bellucci. The first time I saw Malena, I couldn’t help but think…WOW…I want to be her. 


Well, for $32 a pop…you can get the same lip color in siren Monica Bellucci reds from Dolce & Gabbana (at

She looks amazing, sultry and super hot, right? I’ll let you in on a little secret about her…she’s 48 years old!  Can you imagine looking that amazing at 48?  She was the same age as me when she starred in Malena (36 years old). 

There’s something about Italian women that just screams absolutely sexy, right? 

Well, since I’ve entered the dating sphere again, I’ve been thinking about the type of woman I want to be, especially as I head towards 40.  I want to be like Monica Bellucci…at least that kind of woman she comes off to be in her films and photos…a very confident, beautiful, sexy and strong woman. 

So channeling Monica…here’s what’s on my mind…

RED.  How many of you have ever worn a red dress?  This dress is from Zara ($79.90).  From my recollection…no other color stops a man dead in his tracks than the color RED.  That may have something to do with those STOP signs and STOP lights.  A woman brave enough to don this color in a dress…that says WOW!

THE SHOE.  It’s Christian Louboutin ($625.00). It’s classic.  It’s sexy…and nothing says really sexy than how you feel knowing you have Christian Louboutin shoes on your feet.  Your confidence level goes through the roof!  Oh, and it also helps that there’s that little bit of red underneath.

THE DARE.  Monica always likes to show off her assets (aka ample bosoms).  This is a dress that Monica would dare to wear in public and look absolutely amazing in.  This Akris Belted Jersey Dress ($4,990) may be out of price range for most of us…but maybe I can get it at 80-90% off somewhere???  The trick here is that this is not trampy.  It’s black, sophisticated and designed well.  It only highlights one asset…not the whole package.  Your attention goes to one area…not the whole package.  The trick is to show off your best asset in a very subtle, yet daring way and bring the attention to that one spot. 

THE DESIGNER.  One label sticks out above the rest in sexiness, and that is Dolce & Gabbana.  Monica wears a lot of D&G…and she always looks fabulous!  This sweater is $180.  It’s very reminiscent of the sweaters that Monica has been seen wearing in many photo shoots.  Although…she wears nothing underneath.  A black lace bra or lace tank underneath will still get the brains a whirring…

THE LBD.  If you’re a woman, you know all about the LBD (aka Little Black Dress).  We all have that go to dress that makes us feel hot and amazing.  Well, here’s one in the D&G ($390) variety that screams sophistication dripping with sultry sexiness.

WHAT’S UNDERNEATH.  I’ve always loved the sultry ‘what’s underneath’ clothes from the days of old…like this Jucca slip ($85).  I think these days fashion consultants everywhere have us now trained to think: MUST WEAR SPANX! Since when did grandma panties become sexy?  Sure, it holds us in, but I feel more uncomfortable than I do sexy.  Every girl knows that if you want to feel sexy, sometimes something as classic and simple as a slip with a touch of lace at the hem is all you need…or even a sexy pair of La Perlas.  {I didn’t say Victoria’s Secret…I said La Perla!} 

A NEW LOOK.  Sometimes a fresh new look is all you need to feel confident in your own skin.  A new cut and color can truly transform the way you look and get you out of your old tired and boring look that you’re so used to.  Even coming home to your guy with a sexy new hairdo is enough to spark a little more passion… (just saying)

A NEW YOU. You think I’d miss mentioning diet and exercise? HA!  The most important and key thing about being beautiful isn’t just about confidence…it’s about being the change you seek.  That starts with being healthy and beautiful inside and working on having a healthy body each and every single day.  Eating the things that your body needs is vital.  Cut out all of the crap in your diet, because you know if you eat it, you’ll end up wearing it somewhere on your body.  Workout, not because you want to look beautiful, do it because your body needs you to do it in order to run efficiently. You don’t want plaque clogging up your arteries that will one day lead to a heart attack.  You don’t want to feel your bones become brittle because you didn’t get enough calcium or exercise to make your bones and muscles stronger.  You do this FOR YOU…not to look better.  You do this to BE BETTER. 

Your health is the key thing when it comes to hitting the next milestone in life and being a person you’ve always dreamed of being.  For me, I’ve always wanted to have that aura of beauty like Monica.  It’s in everything she does…all the way down to the way she looks at the camera.  She’s an enchantress of epic proportions.  That’s what I want to be when I’m her age.  That dream begins today.

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