When You Believe

So I got myself a little pre-retirement gift from hockey writing.  When I saw it up on Little Black Bag, I knew I had to get it!  Considering how far both the Devils and the Rangers have gone this year in the post-season, it seemed fitting.

This “Believe” necklace from Disney Couture ($50 retail) was the perfect little gift to commemorate my final season.  I like that Tink Tink (Tinkerbell) is right above the ‘e’. 

But being the masterful trader that I am, that wasn’t the only Disney Couture necklace I got.  I got one more just for the extra luck…

And yes, that is Tink Tink with her magic wand at the ready to grant that Wish (retail $45).

So from now until the Stanley Cup is lifted…guess what I’m wearing?

If you know how Little Black Bag works, you’ll know that I got both of these items for only $49.95.

If you don’t know how LBB works, let me explain…

1. You have a choice of joining the monthly service (which you can skip a month if it’s not in your budget) for $49.95+tax or just the one time buy for a little bit more.

2. You can pick whatever item you like.  After you select your item, add it to your bag and then they’ll reveal two to three mystery items (just the name of the brand, what type of item it is and the retail price).  They won’t tell you what the two items are until after you checkout.

3.  After you checkout, they will show you your bag, including what the two mystery items are.  You then have the choice of having them send your bag to you, or trading what’s in your bag to other members of LBB over the next 7 days (ship at any time you’re satisfied).  After 7 days, your bag automatically ships with what is in your LBB after the trading period expires.

4.  They don’t charge you until your bag ships.

You are never stuck with anything that you don’t want (unless you’re just a really bad trader). 

The thing about LBB…what I love about it is the trading.  It is the fun part in the whole process.  For those new to LBB, I recommend giving the site a two bag trial (I’d say 2 months, but I seem to be a weekly shopper), because the first time, you’re just getting into the swing of things.  The second time around, you’ll be more masterful at it and learn how to get exactly what you want and appreciate the whole idea of LBB. 

I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to LBB.  I have a new bag every week.  I trade like a mad woman.  I usually end up with 4-5 items after my bag ships.  The first week I ended up with two purses and a bracelet.  Another week, I traded up a storm for an Urban Expression iPad case in blue sequins, a BCBG watch, and R&Em/Sakroots pouches (which are my latest obsession). 

They have new merchandise on the site every single day, so you’re bound to find a whole lot of somethings that you will love and trade like a mad woman to get. 

What I love is that when you have something that someone desperately wants, your $50 retail item could get a trade for $90 worth of merchandise…which means a bigger bargaining chip for you to go after other items you’re lusting after.  Trust me, I’ve done those $90 deals only to turn around with 5-6 items in my bag that I trade like crazy for what I really want.

In the trading frenzy for these two necklaces…even I’m amazed at what I did to make it happen.  I traded that Believe necklace for a Wish necklace and then turned around and got that Believe necklace back in a different trade.  Like I said…Mad Woman Trader here. 

But the point in all of this is…I was happy at the end of the day because I scored two necklaces from Disney Couture for $49.95+tax to commemorate my final season…savings of $45 (i.e. it’s like I got the Wish necklace for free). 

I’ve priced both necklaces around and have seen that they were cheaper elsewhere, but that was for one necklace.  It was still cheaper to trade like crazy at LBB to get two of them for $49.95.  LBB was the better deal.

As far as a lot of the bags, etc. on there, sometimes you’ll find a bag at a cheaper price on another site or store, but keep in mind that you’re getting 2-6 items for $49.95.  Even on super blowout clearance, you’re not getting that good of a deal elsewhere.  That’s why I’ve stuck with LBB and not purchased the same items elsewhere. 

So give them a try…for those trying to curb their spending, this is a great way to shop for your Achilles’ heel items (hello…purses for me).  I think the added adrenaline rush of trading makes this site more fun than just your regular everyday shopping.   

Happy Trading!  That site again is LITTLE BLACK BAG!

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