Why Pay For Something You Can Get for Free?

If you’re in NYC, you’ll find a lot of free things happening around the City.  Luckily, not everything is limited to just NYC today.

1.  FREE CONE DAY!  It’s FREE CONE DAY at Ben & Jerry’s all across the US today.  Stop into your local ice cream shop between 12PM and 8PM today to get your free ice cream cone.  Mmmmm.

2.  BBC America Is Giving Away FREE LUNCHES.  From 12PM-2PM in Times Square and Madison Square Park, BBC America is giving away free lunches in celebration of the launch of their new show: No Kitchen Required.  You can find the details on how to get a food ticket HERE.

3.  FREE GUGGENHEIM.  Every Saturday from 5:45PM-7:45PM it’s a pay what you can afford admission at the Guggenheim.  Give a dollar or two…doesn’t matter.  It’s just give what you can donate. 

4.  FREE MOMA.  Every Friday from 4PM-8PM it’s free admission at the MOMA.  Talk about saving $20 and getting a little bit of culture.

5. See a FREE movie.  In NYC, every Saturday you can head to the Sony Wonder Labs to see a free movie.  Mind you, the senior citizens go and they like the volume turned up during the movie.  You’ll have to reserve a spot HERE.  Also, for the readers all across America, you can also score free screening passes at Cinemit.com and Gofobo.com.  I’ve been able to score a lot of free movie passes from both.  Gofobo has been sending me a lot of passes as of late, so it’s best to sign up for both sites (FREE).  Also, if you do get a screening pass…show up 45 minutes to an hour before the film to make sure you get in. 

6. Find out from Time Out.  Every city has their own Time Out magazine.  In Time Out, you’ll find a very, very, very long list of free things to do in the city.  I used Time Out London as a go to guide on what to do for free the last time I was in London. 

In NYC, especially in the summer months, I read the Free Things to Do Today to find out where I can eat for less than a dollar (or FREE), then I’ll bring the dinner to a free outdoor performance of a play, musical, concert or movie.  You get a lot of culture that way and you’re able to explore the city and go to places you’ve never been to before. 

7.  Disney Movie Rewards.  For parents and Disney fans alike…join the Disney Movie Rewards Club and earn points towards travel, Disney items, movies, etc.  It’s FREE to sign-up.  You can collect points each month through emailed newsletters, Twitter, Facebook…or just by buying Disney movies or going to Disney movies.  I’ve donated a lot of gifts to kids through their charity program.  I’ve also received a lot of CDs and free Snapfish photos.  Right now, I’m just saving points for the kids come Christmastime to make sure I can donate plenty of gifts to the Toys for Tots program…and maybe even score a free DVD here and there for myself.

And every now and again…Disney likes to give out free movie premiere tickets.  When Sorceror’s Apprentice came out…they had a big party…and I got invited.  Not so often you get the luxury of sitting backstage to watch a concert, see the stars of the movie, and get to see the movie.  Disney takes care of their fans.

8. Target FREE.  Target has done something wonderful for the community…everywhere across America, you’ll find Target Free days at museums, zoos and performance venues.  Check your local venues to see when Target Free days are.  For instance, Target Free Thursdays take place at the Lincoln Center.  Target Free Saturdays take place on the First Saturday of the month at the Brooklyn Museum.  It’s a great way to do some family activities for FREE.


So who says we should spend money when we don’t have to?  It’s more fun when it’s free.  Trust me…I do this free stuff all of the time.

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