Today’s Inspiration: Mother Teresa

After reading this wisdom from Mother Teresa, it reminded me that usually, a person would have this kind of wisdom when they are old.  With age comes wisdom.

The irony is…sometimes I feel like an 80 year old woman with the way my body is breaking down and half the stuff I write about and tell people all of the time.  If anyone could sum it all up…these 9 little pieces of wisdom would define life entirely. 

I want to focus on that last piece.  “In the final analysis, it is between you and God: It Was Never Between You And Them Anyway.”  This is something I have been saying again and again on this site.  Life isn’t about everyone else in the end.  Life is about your soul.  YOU have to answer to it. 

I always like to point out things to people.  For instance, when I see people practicing racial discrimination, I want to say they are actually the ones practicing hate.  I see it a lot, but mainly from a black person.  I hear them talking about how they were discriminated against by a white person.  I usually stand there thinking, “No, you were not discriminated against.  The thought never even passed that person’s mind.”

I hear them go on and on about how they were racially discriminated against…I mean…I follow those people around after the fact just to listen to them going off about white people.  And then I’ll do something in their haste…I’ll perform an act of kindness in order to get them to stop.

Whether it’s opening the door for them, or making a whole bunch of people stop so I can help an elderly lady in their group, or picking something up that they dropped, or just kindly smiling to them…I do something to change their way of thinking.  Because truthfully, it wasn’t the black person that was discriminated against…it was the white person.

Sometimes you have to show kindness…and really go out of your way to do it…just to prove a point without saying it.  I stuck around one group of ladies, repeating one act of kindness after another as they went down the street going off about how they were discriminated against. 

After some time, the mood changed when the women realized that they were acting inappropriately.  After all, this white woman kept doing all of these kind things for them while they went off about ‘white’ people. 

I stuck around them doing these things so that they would change their minds about white people.  You see, hate is taught.  Love is also taught.  If you want the hate to stop, you have to practice LOVE.

I also like to point out to people at times…if God was walking on earth…what would happen if the one time he encountered you on this planet, this is how you acted?  He saw you preaching hate.  He heard you talk about racial discrimination like you were the victim, when he watched YOU victimize someone else saying that was what they were doing to you.  It was a lie.  God saw it.  He saw YOU performing Hate.  He saw YOU telling Lies. 

That is what God saw. 

You know how first impressions will always define you?  What if God based his judgment on you based on that one moment he witnessed?  What if in that one moment, he was following you around to try and change the way you thought about what just happened?  What if he tried to push love your way and do kind things to make you think differently?  What if he spent those moments trying to change you into a better person?  Would you accept it or brush it off like it was an insignificant moment/an insignificant person…when it was really designed to teach you a bigger lesson about life? 

God has his messengers on this earth.  They are his eyes and ears all across humanity.  Those messengers let God shine through them.  They act according to how God wants them to act in that very moment.

There are times that people recognize God working in mysterious ways.  Other times, people just brush them to the side as if they were nobody…no one of importance.  They take for granted God’s gifts being offered to them to change the way they live.

In the end…it wasn’t about what everyone else did to you.  It’s about what you did.  You answer for everything that you did. 

If God saw you practicing hate, when he is love…how do you answer for this sin?

If God saw you telling lies, when he is the truth…how do you answer for this sin?

If God sees you breaking his commandments, when he put them into place for a reason…how do you answer for these sins?

You can’t escape from any act you put forth into this world.  You answer to it in this realm, and also in judgment.  You should always be mindful of every single thing that you do, because you will always have to answer to it.

So instead of doing bad, do good.  It’s easier to answer to all of the good you did than it is to answer to all of the bad that you did. 

Here’s another food for thought…when you do good, you remain happy.  When you do bad, you not only hurt others, you hurt yourself.  Why would you want to hurt anyone?  Make effort to do good at all times.  You’ll find that the rewards of goodness are much better than being rewarded with bad things. 

Some people call it karma.  Others…the law of the universe.  Do good at all times…you’ll be rewarded deeply with good things.  Do bad at all times…you’ll be rewarded deeply with bad things.

After all, you have to keep in mind…God wants only good people in heaven.  Funny thing about that…even the Holy Bible talks about how little that number is on who’s getting into heaven.  It’s like buying a Mega Millions lottery ticket.  Your chances of getting one of those spots…1 in (how many billions of people)???

Luckily, he speaks of a new heaven on earth.  Unfortunately, lots of people get tossed into the pit {Read your Revelations!}.  So…keep in mind that if you want a spot, religion doesn’t get you there…it’s your soul.  Keep your soul filled with good and all of the attributes of God’s gifts he’s given to all of us, and cleanse it of ever doing bad…and you may just find the golden ticket.

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