Dare to Fashionista Up This Tee

See this tee? The Devils pinned this up on Pinterest…and right next to it, I saw this pin…

I kept looking at the pictures side by side…and then I saw the Devils pin this one up…

Which of course, was right next to my pin on what I’m adding to the wardrobe next…

Then the wheels in my brain started to turn and I realized…I could so pull this off.

Why had I never thought of doing a fashionista sports post on how to fashionista up a simple thing like a Kovalchuk t-shirt?!?!?

Since I saw those pins, I started shopping around for flowing maxi skirts (or even colorful wide leg trousers) to bring this simple Kovalchuk t-shirt into the spring fashionista fantasy wardrobe.  With a pair of gold glitter ballet flats…this could so be a winner. 

So forget how corny most of the stuff is that they sell to women at the NHL shop…why don’t we take it and make it into a feminine worthy outfit? 

[Kovalchuk tee, $24.99; {still looking for the skirt, but found a similar one at Net-a-Porter}; NJD necklace, $49.99; Calla Cuff from Bauble Bar, $32]

If you’re not so daring as to go yellow…try white or black with the maxi skirt or wide leg trousers. For other teams, you could definitely pair up a player’s tee with a maxi skirt in a coordinating color, glitter ballet flats, statement jewelry and a short cardigan or jacket…or even try a button up blouse (see picture above with yellow maxi skirt) tied at the waist.  The possibilities are endless.

Gone are the days of just wearing the tee with jeans or sweatpants.  We can fashionista up these sports tees. 

{Now to figure out how one would fashionista up a jersey!}


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