Where To Go: Fantasy Wardrobe Shoppers

As a followup to yesterday’s Fantasy Wardrobe post, I thought I’d pass along some additional SHOPPING information on HOW TO SAVE $$$…

1.  SAKS FASHIONfix.  I don’t know why I never really checked out this link before…oddly enough, I had signed up for it in the past…I just never really took a look at what it really was.  Would you believe that Saks has it’s very own Sample Saleish link on their site? 

Just go to Saks.com and click on their FASHIONfix tab.  Signing up is free.  Every day, they’ll curate various shops for the day.  You have only 24 hours to shop them. 

The prices…Let’s just say a lot of them were 50-70% off.  I saw a gorgeous blue gown for $42!  Trust me, I did a double take!  Who sells ball gowns for $42?  Apparently, SAKS FASHIONfix does.  WOW!

{Oh, and as an added bonus, when you email your invite out to all of your friends and family, when they shop the Fashion Fix, you’ll get $10 off your next SAKS FASHIONfix order.}

2.  LAST CALL.  You’ve probably seen Neiman Marcus’ Last Call stores at your local outlet mall.  Save yourself a trip and the hours spent sorting through stuff and just go to their online store.

I picked up a lot of Vivienne Tam last summer from Last Call.  I wasn’t for sure how her clothing would look on me, but it ended up looking fabulous.  She’s my kind of style (a little punk mixed with classics). 

Easiest way to navigate?  Narrow your search down according to your size and/or what designers you want to see.

3. Net-a-Porter’s SALE site.  Most fashionistas around the world know Net-a-Porter.  Rarely do you see anything go on sale (when they do go on sale, that’s the best time to shop, because the discounts are incredible!).  But rest assured, everything at Net-a-Porter that doesn’t sell at retail DOES go on sale…you just have to know where to go.

You’ll find those items at The Outnet.

The Outnet is also the place that does their annual anniversary sale (where I got my $4,385 Valentino dress for $2).  It’s best to sign-up for their emails because when that anniversary period opens up where you need to sign up in order to win a chance at shopping the sale…you’ll want to be in the know.  This is their 3 year anniversary upcoming, so that sale is going to be $3. 

I’ve heard the stories of women getting $1 Christian Louboutin heels…$2 Fendi baguettes…then there’s my $2 Valentino story.  You’ll want in on this sale when it happens. 

4. My Perfect Sale.  How would you like to curate your own sale based on your size and the designers you want?  My Perfect Sale will do just that for you.  {It is an invite only site (so click on the PINK).}

How does this work?  Based on your specifications, the site will scour the net for you to bring you the LOWEST price on the internet for the items you’re looking for.  For instance, if you don’t have Valentino in your specifications, you can still put the name in the search engine and they will return all of their Valentino finds to you.  All you have to do is look through the Valentino offerings, click on the link to the item you like, take note of any additional savings codes they list, it will then take you to that site with the lowest price, all you have to do is order directly from that site (like Yoox, Saks, Neiman Marcus…wherever the label is sold).

But the best way to really find deals…make sure that your specifications are PRECISE.  What they return to you in your closet, they’ll email to you, especially when a sale is really good.

Happy Shopping, Ladies & Gents!

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