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You know those member sites where if you’re a member you have to click “Skip This Month” in order to save some dough…and then you end up looking on their site and deciding…well, I’ll just buy this one thing?  Well, that was me on Friday.

There’s something about being sick and shopping that goes hand and hand.  It makes you feel good for some strange reason.

1. At, I ended up ordering not one, but two things…

Feeling like you need a little bit of luck? Well, that’s where the lady luck rings come in handy.  Better yet, how about lucky in love?  That’s where the Lovers Only Necklace comes in.  With a special code for $9 off + free shipping, I got these 4 pieces (rings come in 3s) for only $50 after tax.  That’s about $12.50 per piece.

2. Not to be outdone in the jewelry department, Bauble Bar was also on my radar (as always)…I was looking for the Buried Bauble, but got kicked off because they had some pretty heavy traffic that day.  After I couldn’t score what I really wanted, I ended up finding a sister necklace to last Friday’s Buried Bauble.

The Glam Neige Collar, $38

Along with the collar, I picked up a free bauble (for those who collect credits and are loyal customers).

Glam Bead Necklace, FREE

3.  Who could forget the PURSE?  Damn for having such cute bags!  I settled for this one (because I don’t have a lavendar bag in my collection):

Kula Purple Handbag, $39.95

4.  Since we’re still talking accessories…who could forget the true sparkle?  The gold glitter shoes!

Just Fabulous is having their Birthday Sale…2 for $39.95.  They even threw in a 1 year subscription to Maxim magazine for FREE when I checked out.  Every girl needs a pair of gold glitter ballet flats (or several pairs, because I run through flats like crazy) and a pair of gold glitter heels…they go with just about everything.  What I also like is that instead of wearing brown flats to go with navy or brown clothes…gold shoes go so much better.   

5.  And not to be outdone by the adult purchases, the 3 year old ME decided that since I was sick…I wanted something too.  Insert DISNEY STORE.

Disney is having their BUY ONE PLUSH, GET 2ND ONE FREE.  So the sick 3 year old inner child got herself an Eeyore for $16.50 and Stitch for FREE.  And yes, I was carrying them around like they were a security blanket.

For some strange reason, those kiddie purchases brought a smile to my face.  I thought…if this could make me smile, imagine bringing Disney plush toys to a children’s ward and what it would do for those kids with cancer.  When I’m feeling better, I’m going to stop by the Disney Store again and pick up some more Disney toys to drop off at a Children’s Hospital.  If that can make me happy when I’m sick…imagine how happy it would make kids in a hospital.

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