Au Revoir USA Bucket List

12-18 months on medical lockdown will go by quickly, just like every year does.  So while I’m still in the USA, there are some things I’d like to do before packing up the apartment and splitting for good.  Here’s a list of things I’d like to do before leaving.

  1. Try Texas BBQ (so I can understand why Texas boasts some of the most obese people in the entire US of A). 
  2. Visit the top of the Statue of Liberty
  3. Do a bus tour around Manhattan
  4. Visit San Francisco (again) as an adult
  5. Spend a weekend in Martha’s Vineyard
  6. Spend a weekend in Cape Cod
  7. Try the New England Clam Chowder…in Maine
  8. Have my fortune read by a genuine fortune teller…in New Orleans
  9. Alaskan Cruise…to see the glaciers and migrating whales.  Pet a whale.
  10. Go fly fishing.
  11. Visit Montana and hang out at a ranch.
  12. Sundance Film Festival.
  13. Some beach town in Florida…I’m not picky, just so long as I can golf.
  14. A few Caribbean Islands (because it’s cheaper to fly from here to there)
  15. South America (because I’m on this side of the world now…will be more difficult post-move).
  16. Galapagos (see 15 as reason)
  17. Costa Rica reserves (see 15 as reason) also to hang out with the exotic animals
  18. Mayan Temples (see 15 as reason)
  19. Macchu Picchu (see 15 as reason)
  20. Try a waffle cone in Portland, Oregon
  21. Go to the Country Living Fair in Austin, Texas & check out the local bands (April 27-29, 2012)
  22. Go golfing in South Carolina and hit up the beach
  23. Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo…to visit Jillian.
  24. Fairs, fairs and fairs…
  25. Sea World in Florida
  26. Disney’s Animal Kingdom!!!!  !!!!  !!!!
  27. Go deep sea fishing
  28. Swim with the dolphins at Grand Bahamas Island
  29. Boston Bruins in Boston…visit well, everybody I know in Boston
  30. Toronto, Canada…need to find out what the deal is with this place
  31. Niagara Falls (while in Buffalo)
  32. See Constantine Maroulis (see it’s on the list)
  33. See Jekyll & Hyde…many, many, many times…because it’s my all-time favorite musical EVER.
  34. Build up my DVD/book library to last the rest of my life
  35. Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC (April 14, 2012)
  36. Mount Vernon
  37. The Met
  38. MoMA
  39. The Guggenheim Museum
  40. Hang out at Chelsea Piers…a lot (golfing perhaps?)
  41. Golf in Las Vegas at 6AM (June 2012)
  42. See Jaromir Jagr A LOT (like you’ll never see him again)…unfortunately that means Flyers games (YUCK!)
  43. Be a fan of *AHEM* that hockey team no one is supposed to know you’re a fan of
  44. Go to 1 football game in your lifetime…we’ll make it a Giants game
  45. See NY Yankees vs. the Texas Rangers (make it so)
  46. LA Galaxy vs. NY/NJ Red Bulls (David Beckham…yes!)
  47. See Evgeni Malkin (I just love his coming to America story)
  48. Go to a lot of movies (because they’ll be scarce in Africa)
  49. See the ballet in NYC
  50. Dress up to the nines and head to the Opera…like you used to do
  51. Enjoy NYC like you’ve never enjoyed her before
  52. Spend an entire day at Coney Island…just to say goodbye…and stop at the aquarium to say goodbye to the fishies
  53. Finally accept the New Yorker festival invitation and GO
  54. Hit up the fashion shows during Fashion Week
  55. Hit up Fashion Night Out all over NYC
  56. Watch the ball drop on NYE in NYC (book a hotel night near the event)
  57. Get Lasik Eye Correction before moving
  58. Buy the things you’ve always wanted, but could never justify treating yourself…it’s your last chance
  59. Photograph Ilya Kovalchuk
  60. See Laurence Fishburne
  61. See at least one Disney Broadway show
  62. Actually, see a lot of Broadway shows before you go…
  63. Eat a true NY style pizza every now and again (try to, at least)
  64. Print out the list of top 100 restaurants in the world…and go to all of the ones in NYC
  65. Spend every single open time that you can with friends
  66. HAWAII…enough said.
  67. Spend some time in Redondo/Hermosa Beach before you go
  68. Stock up on the stuff they don’t have in Africa (like tampons and rubber bands for your hair)
  69. Switch out technology that’s too advanced for the older models…like the cell phone…no BlackBerry
  70. Visit the Boardwalk in Atlantic City
  71. Philly…Rocky…need I say more?
  72. Fire your doctor…and do it to her face
  73. See the Rockstar one last time…and don’t tell him that you’re going to his show.  Let him figure it out.
  74. See all the guys from the old days
  75. Vermont…just because it’s a weird state
  76. Indy 500…just because it’s part of my history growing up in Indiana
  77. Celine Dion IN CONCERT (June 2012?)
  78. Criss Angel Mindfreak show in Vegas (June 2012?)
  79. U2 on Tour???  Let’s see if they’ll make it so.
  80. Central Park Zoo to see the famous lion from Madagascar. 😉
  81. Take a stroll through Central Park…stop to read a book and enjoy the park
  82. See the Northern Lights

Hmmm…will have to think up more…as they come along…

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