We Have a Winner?

So we may or may not have a winner for the big vacation of the year.  Sure, Morocco is in the cards right now for sometime in July/August, but you know me, I country hop in Europe, too.

I’m still looking at Barcelona for the spring.  But for the summer…I’ve decided on Italy.  I decided last year that I really wanted to go around Italia, exploring the Eat part of the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon.  I took a look at a map of Italy and started thinking…hmmm…I could do Rome in 2 days, Florence, Bologna and then Venice.  Stay in Venice a day then head to Milan, go down to Morocco for 10 days, come back to Milan, travel on down to Genoa, Pisa and then Rome.  Maybe I can squeeze Naples in there so I can get a pizza pie before heading back to the US of A.

It’s doable.  We just have to get the Morocco part of the itinerary down pat so I can start planning Italy.  I’m so excited now!  🙂

I really can’t wait to photograph Italy. This will be an adventure within itself. 

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