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1. ZeroPassiveIncome.com.  Want to know how someone in debt could all of a sudden turn their financial situation around in ways that you can’t even imagine?  I’m talking about a 12 month financial project to right your wrongs…and they’re doing this at the age of 25?  One of the Zero Passive Income Twitter accounts just started following me.  I took a look around at the owner’s website and I couldn’t believe what they had done to turn a deficit into a winning year.  It took them 12 months to do over the course of their financial journey.  They paid off school loans, car loans, etc. all in 12 months or less.  They were even able to raise their net worth from a deficit to a very positive plus that most 20 somethings do not have. 

The site itself is just an inspirational, kick in the butt, journey that one young couple undertook to turn around their financial lives and make a profit from it.  Their Alexa ratings for their site are in the six figures!  I don’t frequent too many sites with only six figures, so that should tell you something about their content.

I will say that one of their most recent articles from Christmas had me in tears.  As a Christmas present to his wife, they decided to go to Kmart and he had his wife pick one person that had a layaway balance that needed to be paid off.  Just two days before Christmas they paid the entire balance except for one little penny.  You want to talk about giving the best gift ever?  That’s a way to give someone a great Christmas…by giving to a complete stranger.

I highly recommend this blog. 

2.  Yummy Mummy.  With every New Year comes resolutions.  One of the greatest blogs out there right now on eating healthy and how to live a healthier life (including tips and recipes) is Yummy Mummy Kitchen. 

Not only is the author of the blog a Mommy…but she’s also a photographer, so you’ll find a lot of fresh and beautiful photos.  She’s 90% vegetarian…a concept I like.  I may adopt the 80% vegetarian mantra…meaning…I’ll be vegetarian 80% of the time.  The other 20% I reserve for chicken and fish.  😉

Check out her site, you’ll find a lot of amazing food recipes on there that are very vegan/vegetarian friendly.  It all looks good!  Mmmm.

3. Whole Living.  I found this site randomly while looking on Martha Stewart.com for recipes.  What I loved about it…I learned a few things about reducing food waste. 

Now, I waste food all of the time.  I hate that I do, but there are just some things I can’t eat.  I can eat a hot dog, but not the bun.  If I try something and my body doesn’t like it…it’s not like I can pass it off to some homeless guy, so the unwanted food goes in the trash. 

If it doesn’t go home in a take home bag…then it goes in the trash…especially when it’s Americanized portions. 

Well, just because my stomach is refusing the food, it doesn’t mean that I’m being eco-friendly.  In fact, wasting food ends up turning into methane gas as it rots in landfills.  That alone is one of the main concerns for vegans and vegetarians on why they are against the raising of cattle for food purposes. 

You can say that the one article changed my way of eating.  I just won’t ‘try’ things anymore.  I’ll also be splitting more of my meals with friends or giving my take home container to a homeless person.  Or better yet…order the side items, not the entree. 

Check out the site.  There’s a lot of interesting information on how to be a better eco-friendly consumer, as well as healthy recipes and fitness tips. 

Arm your new year’s resolutions with knowledge so that you can stay in the game!

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