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1. PUNK IS OUT.  Wow.  That’s all I’m going to say.  This is where I say someone has a stick up their ass.  This is someone who is abusing their power.  This is where someone is completely WRONG.

As much as I am an adamant supporter of the freedom of religion and expression…peaceful loving Muslim PUNKS…there’s nothing wrong with that.  They didn’t break any law.  They were raising money for orphans.  This is all in line with sharia…aka the pathway to God.  God doesn’t care what we wear or how we style our hair…just so long as we are practicing modesty.  A bunch of modest punks…come on…this person gives Islam a bad name.  It deviates from the way it is supposed to be practiced.  I’m not talking about the punks…I’m talking about the person in power arresting all of the punks who did not commit any form of criminal act.

I was told while I was in Morocco that imams frown upon people in politics.  Politicians always seem to misconstrue the true meaning of Islam and change it to protect them and the things they want to do that deviate from the teachings.  Remember “The Kite Runner?”  I was so mad when I saw what that jerk did to that little boy…and how he was able to listen to music and cater to the luxuries taken away from the people.  The Taliban took happiness away from the people as if it was God’s way. 

That is not God’s way…it’s a mad man’s way to manipulate, imprison, and control an entire country by putting fear into the hearts of humanity. 

A bunch of Muslim punks raising money for orphans?  Tell me…what was so wrong about that?  Apparently the accusations of drugs would have warranted a REAL ARREST and prison time.  Guess what?  Every Muslim punk there is being held without real reason.  Ergo…they didn’t have drugs on them. 

What we see here is propaganda being thrown around to say that punks equal drugs, not punks equal charitable people raising money for orphans.  This is politics, not religion.  They distort the truth for their own gains.  That is in itself what we call A LIE…and then trying to use the Qur’an and Islam to back them up.  It’s still a lie before God’s eyes.  You see this in every religion…every single time someone sins, they try to change God’s law to make their sin okay.  It’s still a sin.  There’s no gray area.  It’s only black and white.  Right and Wrong.

This is the reason why I keep pointing out political propaganda to you.  Know the difference!

As for the punks…God bless you for doing something amazing and raising money for orphans.  Your voice speaks so much louder as REASON, while the other speaks of idiocy and disobedience.

2. Kimora Lee Simmons Takes a Stand.  Speaking of Muslims…Kimora decided to speak out against Lowe’s.  I read one of the comments at the end and realized that the person must not know all of the facts surrounding this situation.  There really are Christians speaking out against the show “All American Muslim.”  They are stating that the reason why they don’t want the show to air…it’s for all of the reasons WHY the show should air. 

This show is designed to dispel the myths and lies about Muslims, especially Muslims in America.  It’s supposed to educate America on what it truly means to be a Muslim.  Right now, America only knows what it’s like to be a Muslim from Christians and propaganda.  {And Christians know all about Islam…how?} 

The reason why Lowe’s has come under fire is solely because they withdrew their advertising after receiving pressure from a Christian group: Florida Family Association.  Just take a look around at their website (which I will not link on moral grounds because of the hate spewed on their site).  Kimora was correct in calling them a hate group. 

I actually feel bad for all of the people that this group has decided to target…for ‘moral’ reasons. 

Once again, if God is LOVE and not hate…then why are you practicing hate, unless you really are following the evil one?  If you’re on God’s path, you’d practice love towards everyone at all times.  Practice hate and get others to hate, and I’m sorry…the ticket office in heaven says you have a one way ticket to hell.  Good luck with that. 

I have nothing against Christianity…unless they deviate from the religion…like when they practice hate.  That’s when I have a problem with it.  The entire Bible is about LOVE…not sure why they decide to practice the antithesis of it.  The antithesis of God is the Devil…I hope you get my point there.

3. These Boys Sure Did Want Their Very Own Hockey Rink Well, give these teens credit for being innovative…and give the town credit for teaching them a lesson.  These boys wanted an ice hockey rink so bad…this is what they did to make their own.

4. Rock of Ages. Well, the movie is finally coming out…Constantine Maroulis has a very small part in it, and Tom Cruise frightens the hell out of me (I blame his jumping on Oprah’s couch to be the cause of it), so I have a hard time ‘liking’ him in this film. 


But then again…that makes him perfect for the role.  He still gives me that same feeling I had for the character during the musical on Broadway.

I will see the movie  because I want to see if the movie will make me feel the same way I did about the musical.  I really don’t think they can top Constantine’s performance…but I guess we’ll see if they can at least capture the essence.

5.  What I Did Last Night As a little teaser to tonight’s posts…Artspace did a little blog post on the festivities last night.  I’ll have pictures and a little writeup (as well as a recipe for the holidays) later on tonight.  It’s amazing to learn what a little peacock can do…

{P.S. Surita got her very own storyboard last night…it will also be posted up later.  I think she likes the new direction our lives are taking us.  She’s really into all of this new stuff showing up at our doorstep!}

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