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I want to thank everyone for sending me emails and tweets about yesterday’s post.  I didn’t write it for ME…I wrote it for someone else.  He knows who he is.  I just thought he’d like to know how things have changed and progressed and how he could find some tips for his wife.

I have been through all of the stages of cancer before.  I have healed before (i.e. the cancer went dormant).  The first time around seems so much simpler than now. I think now there’s just the added bonus of a serious side effect that occurred during my surgery.  Imagine having a toxic lung filled with chlorine bleach thrown into the mix.  The only reason why it happened was because I had a history of cancer.  I went into the surgery with healthy lungs, came out of surgery a few hours later with lungs similar to that of a 20 year smoker.  That was what reawakened the cancer in a very bad way.

So this time around, the tested and true methods of diet, exercise and a lot of rest doesn’t work so well this time.  I sure as hell wished it did.  It’s because of the different symptoms and the different ailment (with the lung) that has me searching for new methods.  I mean…how do you heal a toxic lung?  The only thing they’ve done is given me an inhaler and said to use that because the medicine seems to ease the lung for a little while.  It’s not a cure; it’s just an aid.

For those who are recently diagnosed with cancer, I strongly suggest 1) going green with your cleaning and ridding your homes of all toxic chemicals; 2) using only stainless steel and cast iron while cooking, ridding your kitchen of plastic dishes, etc.; 3) switching to a clean diet (see the magazine “Clean Eating”); 4) resting every chance your body says to; 4) focusing on being happy; 5) meditating.

There has been a very strong link to curing cancer through inner peace (believe it or not).  I believe Princeton came out with a scientific study on the healing benefits of meditation.

For those in NYC, I highly recommend seeing the Brahma Kumaris at the NY Meditation Center just a couple of blocks away from Madison Square Garden.  They will teach you how to meditate and then help you move on to spiritual understanding. 

In order to give your body a fighting chance you need to rid your environment of everything that is toxic.  That includes the toxins in your environment, in your food, in your mind and in your emotions.  Clean it all out.

There are homeopathic medicines out there that have helped many cancer patients in the past.  While there are some people that swear by it, I’m not sold on it.  Although, they are worth a listen so that you can learn more about plants and their healing properties, as well as learn more about fruits and vegetables that will aid in the healing process. 

I’ve been drinking a special Moroccan tea since October that has helped relieve a lot of my symptoms…including the issues I have with my breathing.  You can order it here: Aux 100,000 Epices.  I drink both the Menthe Thé and the Le Savon au Thé Vert.  The site is completely in French, but it’s simple to figure out. 

{I have a feeling I’m going to have to set up a Berber Shop in Manhattan soon…}

At any rate, I just wanted to thank everyone for their pointers and tidbits and the get well wishes.  Like I said, it wasn’t for me.  I wasn’t discussing it to get a sympathy card.  It was written to help someone else.  I’m kind of used to being sick all of the time, that’s why I don’t talk about it so much.

I also wanted to add something else…I’ve been getting a lot of emails from a lot of different companies requesting partnerships, etc.  Because of the direction my life is going, I am not partnering up with anyone.  This blog will completely change when I move to Morocco.  It will also change when the books are released.  This site will either close or move in an entirely new direction.  That change will happen in July. 

That being said, I see no reason why I would partner up with anyone for ‘hockey’ reasons when I am very adamant about this being my final season covering hockey.  My career and life are changing.

Whether I keep this blog after I move to Morocco remains to be seen.  The Twitter account will be coming down when I move.  There’s no reason to keep it up considering there’s hardly any WiFi in Morocco! 

But one thing is for sure…it will no longer be Hockey & Musings if I keep the blog…the title will change because I will no longer be covering hockey anymore. 

While I appreciate all of the interest…you guys are just four years too late.  I’m retiring from hockey.  I’m not a new person to this.  I have over 1000 published articles.  It’s time for me to move on to a new phase that reflects the new path in my life.  The hockey part of my journey is just coming to an end.   

That being said, I wanted to give one last thank you.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about for some time.  I want to thank the New York Rangers for being a huge part of my existence in New York.  When I think about my time in New York, I think about how the Rangers have made my time in this grand city a great moment.  They’ve treated me so well over the years that I can’t help but think that they are the greatest.

Some of the greatest moments and opportunities I have had in this city came from the Rangers.  When I think of how I got to see Joe Frazier…that was because of the Rangers.  I got to meet so many Ranger greats over the years…because of the Rangers.  I got to have the best moments of my life in this city…because of the Rangers.  They’ve treated me so well…you would think I was a Rangers princess with how well they’ve treated me over the years.  I just want to say Thank You.  You’ve made my fond memories of New York City the best memories I’ve had in this lifetime.  It makes my time in New York City seem so much more special.  I’ll miss the Rangers and MSG the most. 

That’s not the fan talking…that’s the New Yorker in me talking.  They gave me New York City on a silver platter…they’ve made this part of the journey an amazing one.  So thank you, New York Rangers…THANK YOU.

I want to close with this special Tiffany & Co. Christmas story.  You can only find it online HERE.  {I asked already, you can’t buy the book.  You can only read it online.}

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