Something That’s Been Bugging Me…

After the Rangers game on Saturday, I ended up on a train that was jam packed with people.  There was a group of kids and their chaperones that had gone into the city for the day.  One of the chaperones was a Muslim woman. 

She and the other woman kept going on and on about how rude it was of us (that were sitting) not to get up and give up our seats for them.  No one was elderly.  No one was pregnant.  They tried to say it was a white thing and that we lacked manners. 

The Muslim woman kept going on and on making racist comments. 

You know…I sat there looking at her with a confused look on my face.  I didn’t understand her point.  I also didn’t understand why a Muslim woman was a) making racist comments and b) spreading hate.  I kind of had to sit there and wonder if hate was just an American thing, because the hate she was preaching (very loudly) was not conducive of the Muslim culture…let alone a woman speaking so loudly who is Muslim.

I kind of sat there thinking that this woman apparently does not understand Islam. 

As I was watching the first three seasons of Weeds this weekend, there was also a Muslim man that was on the show.  I even sat there thinking…that is not the Nation of Islam.  That is not how they act.  It is inappropriate.

Then I had to wonder…is this just an American thing?

I wasn’t about to school a Muslim woman on how to be a proper Muslim, but I felt like telling her to go to Africa at some time in her life.  Maybe she’ll understand that the Nation of Islam does not practice hate.  It is forbidden.  I mean…it is forbidden to the point that people fear that God will ravage them with plagues if they act out of line just once or do anything that is not loving.

But try telling a woman who is racist to visit Africa sometime.  I can just see that not going over very well. 

Maybe it is just an American thing…this hate.  I don’t like seeing people embrace religion because of their skin color or as a right to hate.  It’s not what religion was designed for.  All I can say is that if you practice hate…you’re not following God.  The Quran specifically says in the first section…you are practicing the ways of the evil one if you practice hate.  You’re not following God. 

For the Christians…I could easily point out everything in the New Testament that says “God IS love.”  If God is love and he’s not hate, then you better be embracing the former rather than the latter.  You embrace something God is NOT…then well, your soul will have to answer to that. 

There was also something that the men of Morocco requested I write about when it comes to being Muslim.  They wanted me to help people in America understand that they are not terrorists.  Terrorism is about politics, not religion. 

The problems in Israel and Palestine…it’s politics.  It has ZERO to do with religion.  It’s the governments and politicians that lead people to believe it’s about religion.  Ask the Muslims and the Jews from there and they’ll grow sad and tell you it has nothing to do with religion.  It has everything to do with politics.  The people that write the stories just bill it as dysfunction between two religions trying to co-exist together.  It’s called FALSE PROPAGANDA.

Muslims are peaceful and loving people.  They live each and every single day for God, not for themselves.  They practice being good and loving.  They take care of everyone in a loving and kind way.  They do not practice hate, because they would be embracing the ways of the evil one if they were to do so.  They only practice love, because that is God’s way.

You have to experience being in their land in order to understand that this is the way that they live.  This is who they are.

For me to see hate or racism embraced inside the Muslim faith in America…that’s not a true Muslim.  That’s just someone using a religion for their own personal reasons.  You see it in every religion.  It’s like bending religion to your own whims to protect you…as if you have a right to do evil because you are from X, Y and Z religion. 

In a Muslim Arab country…you would be stoned to death if you tried to do something as stupid as that.  You obey the rules or miss out on the true meaning of what God is all about. 

There’s also another misconception that people have of Islam.  People that are not Muslim think that Allah is not the same as God.  No, it’s the same God.  Just like the French call God “Dieu”, the Arabic word for God is “Allah.”  It’s the same God.

The Islam faith is based on Judaism and Christianity.  They just have another book called the Quran and another messenger.  Just like there was Moses and Jesus, there was also Mohammed.  They were all messengers of God.  That is how they look at it…they are messengers.  They did not make Mohammed into a golden calf like some religions have done to certain messengers.

It’s like taking Judaism and Christianity to another level by adding in additional rules and understanding to what the previous two religions needed more explanations on, as well as additional rules to make them better followers of God.  It was designed to correct the errors of understanding and elaborate more on what the prior messengers of God had given to the people. 

Islam would be nothing without the prior two religions.  Just think of them as Jews and Christians, but stricter in their faith and cause to God. 

Remember…if you practice hate…you’re not practicing God’s ways.  That is a concept that I heard repeated many times…it’s also written very clearly in the Quran.

I also want to dispel a myth from some propaganda I saw released years ago after 9/11.  Nowhere at the start of the Quran does it say death to Christians and anyone that doesn’t believe in Islam.  That’s fictitious.  I have an official copy of the Quran at home, translated into English and that is not what it says at all. 

I also went around Morocco having the guide translate the Quran written on the walls to me.  It always starts off bissmillah…IN THE NAME OF GOD…the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful…

It actually begins naming all of the names of God.  I believe they said there were 70+ names.  Here’s an English translation of the first page of the Quran.  You’ll see that it doesn’t say anything about death to Christians.  It asks God to lead them on the path that is in his favor, and not on a path that leads away from him. 

Sometimes you just have to leave America to see how much propaganda bullshit is in this country.  Did you know that England still prints that 9/11 was an inside job?  You say that in America and what happens?  Lots of bad, bad, bad things…

Step outside of America and learn about America.  You’ll find that the world isn’t so hateful, but they do look at America like everyone is a complete idiot ruled by a machine of lies. 

Seek the truth and you will find it.

Note: Radical Islam is not a religion or group that is acknowledged by the majority of Muslims.  Radical Islamists do not represent what the Quran is truly about.  The way it was described to me is that this group practices hate, therefore they are not part of the Nation of Islam.  They follow evil…and it is in pure violation of the Quran and the Muslim faith.  Most Muslim men scoff at the mention of this group and are very quick to point out that these people are not men of God, nor are they Muslim. 

There are also PSAs on televisions as well as billboards telling people not to join these groups.  It’s like any PSA on how drugs are bad for you, drinking and driving kills, terrorism…it’s not part of God’s way. 

The issue is that this group has twisted the Quran and its meanings for political reasons, not for religious or spiritual reasons.  Muslims do not have this group’s back, but this group is strongly recruiting the youth who are impressionable. 

Radical Islamists are also the minority, not the majority.  It is a minority that are shunned by the majority.  Think about it…that minority has been bombing other Muslims as well.  Think Timothy McVeigh…The Unabomber…that weirdo in Sweden…guerillas…All minority killing their own people.

{Food for thought.}

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